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Oh no, My cake tin.. what do i do now?

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Okay on wednesday i cooked a Cinnamon cake for bf's birthday.
I cleaned it and washed it and i took it out now to prepare another cake for tomorrow.
But now the inside of the cake tin where the black has been removed from my mum has gone brown and rusty.
Ive just cleaned it 3 times and it comes away but as soon as it starts drying it forms again.
Whats wrong with it?
Is it time to chuck it out?
I dont have any money to buy another tin
and bens mother never bakes a cake and has no baking utensils!
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If it were me I'd probably toss it. Once I see a whole lot of rust I freak out and it has to go. I'd say if you've attempted cleaning it over and over again and it just keeps coming back that it's life is over. Maybe try cleaning it one more time and drying immediately?
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You can always line the tin w/foil or grease w/butter when using it. It will be okay to use until you can buy a new one. The rust won't hurt you!!
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Oiling the pan (with a little canola on a paper towel) will remove the rust and prevent it from recurring. I just suggest washing it and oiling it up freshly each time you use it, before and after you use it.
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silly tin.
i guess i will have to put the foil on the bottom.

untill i get a new one!
thanx guys!
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Really, you should try oiling the pan. It is way easier to use that way than tin foil, which gets stuck to your food. It does work, the rust just forms when the bare metal oxidizes with the air. And, by the way, there is nothing wrong with rust, it's not poison or anything.
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but the pan now smells metally...
i dotn know i had tolook up on the internet because i was in a rush to clean the kitchen
and i read to oil the pan and put it in a hot oven for 30 mins then wipe off oil with paper towel
its till in the oven now
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That is very sweet of you to bake a cake for your bf (no pun intended) I can't give you any advice on what to do with your current tin, but I do have a good rust prevention tip for any future cake tins you buy.... wash them right after you've done baking (once you've removed the cake from the tin) and then put the wet tin in the still-warm oven. It saves you drying time AND it's a great way to prevent rust!
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That will take away the metal smell. It really does work, that's how I look after all of my cast iron cookware, and it should work for anything that is metal, and not coated with special non stick coating.

If you have oil in the pan in the oven, be very careful that it doesn't get too hot. If oil reaches the flash point, it could catch fire. If you see any smoke at all rising from the pan, take it away from the heat immediately.

After heating the pan with the oil in it, I will also run cold water over it, then wipe it down with a paper towel. And when you clean it, use very mild soap, and don't scrub it with steel wool or anything. Then, put it on heat to dry out really fast, and the rust shouldn't reappear.
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well my oven is actually a small pizza oven, bcause in this house we dont have a special plug for the complet stove!
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since it was "black", and is now rusting, it sounds like it's made of cast iron. Here's my quick tips for caring for cast iron (I cook on iron every day)

1: NEVER CLEAN THE BLACK OFF! get a plastic abrasive pad, and scrape/scrub off anything stuck to the pan, heat it up (on a cook flame is fine, doesn't have to be in an oven), put a thin layer of oil on, wipe it off, let it cool

2: if some of the seasoning (the black) comes off, wash it well, oil it while it's wet, and then go to step 1 (heat, oil, wipe)

3: the main thing to really cleaning cast iron is to get it branding-iron hot, to kill anything "alive" in the pan. Iron is porous (has lots of tiny holes in it), and anything that isn't cooked-off can remain and "grow".

4: don't soak it in water

5: if you really must clean it well, boil some water in it. that should let you scrape out most anything that's in it, and then repeat step 1 again to dry and oil.

6: shortening ("Crisco" here in the states) works better then liquid oil

7: oil that's been used for cooking already works better then either liquid oil or crisco (the coating is less sticky)

8: avoid using animal fats to coat the pan
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I dont know why but when ever my mother buys those pans, or anything she always has to rip off the black!
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re-reading what I wrote, I assumed it wasn't a NEW pan. It sounded like you'd used it before.

In the states these pans are purchased coated in a food-safe wax, or other food-safe coatings that some people like to strip off so they can replace it with their own oil coating.

If it's a used pan, the black coating is most likely perfectly safe for food use, and stripping it will just cause problems.
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I didnt know that pans rusted when you bought them and havent used them?

No ive had this pan for about umm... i think 5 years now? maybe more? or maybe less? im not sure. But when ever my mother cleans it gets ruined
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NOBODY cleans my cast iron except me. It's great cookware, but if you treat it badly it will rust faster then... then... a really fast thing. ;-)

and yes, you have to at least heat them up and re-oil them every few months to keep them dry and rust-free and non-sticky.

and since this is a cat message board, I'd just like to say that the picture of Teufel with the toothbrush is one of my favorite pictures here.
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lol yes he does like to brush his teeth,
He has taken Daddies one now, Because he thinks he is big now so he can have a bigger tooth brush!
this morning all of the tooth brushes were scattered all over the floor
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