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So my bf hit a dog..

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We were going to the video store after dark, we were traveling on a high traffic road at about 35 mph because he hadn't be able to get up to the right speed yet as we just turned. There were cars coming in the opposite direction when a little dog darted out in front of them, then just kept running and ran into bf's driver's side tire. It sounded bad but then I'm 99% sure the cars going in the opposite direction must have hit it as well because of where it ended up, so whether it was killed when it ran into the car or when the other cars hit it is just a mystery. But anyhow bf has never hit a dog before but has had dogs get hit and he always respected the people that stopped more than the people who just kept driving so he stopped..

omg the drama. You would think he purposely hit the dog. The girl's house was like 15-20 ft from the busy road and she let a dog that was probably halfway to my knee out without a leash, without even staying out with it, in the dark. He had to knock on the door for like 5 min before she even heard it so it's not like she was waiting to let the dog back in. But when she came out she was screaming and crying and pulling at her hair and fell down as though it was the end of the world. Granted she was only about 16 yrs old so maybe she'd never had a family pet die before, but I was thinking it was more of a fear of when her parents got home, or just guilt about being irresponsible.

Anyhow after all of this bf was understandably shook up. He wanted to give her his contact info.. I refused to write it for him and he had nothing to write with so he just told her his name. But what does he owe this girl? If anything I think that their homeowner's should cover the repairs to bf's car if it needs any. I mean it was their negligence that caused this. Of course we would never think of filing a claim because very little if any harm was done and I feel bad for the kid but it's just the point.. You wouldn't let your 3 year old play in the road so why the dog And then to blame someone for your mistake is just wrong. I'm just mad today. It was an unfortunate accident but the owner took no responsibility for it and it just #@$#@ me off to no end.
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It was NOT your boyfriend's fault. If I had a dime for every time I've driven down a busy street where front yards bump up to it, and saw a dog dart out from a yard, I'd be a rich girl.

This teen was apparently not waiting for the dog or watching her dog, if it took that long for her to come to the door; and honestly like you said, no dog or kid or anything should be left to just run out in the dark like that!!!

She was probably emotional from the scene of death, feeling guilty, and of course facing the parent's wrath. If my kid let something like this happen, I'd be livid and she would get severe punishment.

Your bf owes NOTHING to the girl. It was not his fault. A lot of pet owners, & parents of kids for that matter, are really going off the deep end if you ask me. No responsibility any more.

Sorry this happened, I bet you and your bf will be shook up for a while. You are not to blame.
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Oh god! poor dog, and im deeply sorry about what happened.

people used to run over our cats and just leave them on the nature strip and run off.

My dad used to let the dog out with out a leash but my dog was terribly afraid of cars, he only LOVED To sit inside a car for the car ride.

Lets hope she doesnt file a claim towards you.
and I hope this time she has learned her lesson not to let the dog out in the dark.

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Oh Anna, I am so sorry for you, your bf, and that poor dog His death was the product of neglectful ownership. I am sure that girl was distraught, but she could have 100% prevented that from happening. Some people are not prepared for the responsibilities of pet ownership
How is your bf doing today? Feeling any better?
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i work in insurance and i don't think she could file a claim. Now WE could file a claim due to her negligence but we're not jerks. If she tried a lawsuit which would be completely ridiculous, it would be shot down immediately because as soon as it was said that the dog was not leashed than it would just be dismissed. I know one thing, I'm never stopping for an animal again, that was just the most crazy thing ever and then my bf wanted me to get out of the car because she was being very dangerous and he wanted me to fight her if she got too physical and I refused to get out of the car because I am not going to street fight a 16 yr old. It was just SO out of control.
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ugaimes.. he's ok. We ended up getting more mad than anything. He's a dog lover though so he was shook up for a while.
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I'm appalled that you would even think of blaming the girl for your boyfriend hitting the dog. Dogs get out, they run around, things like that happen. I'm not saying you're being irresponsible, but certianly showing no sympathy for the family's loss, or it doesn't sound like it. I don't think they owe your boyfirend a cent. Do you ask the state for money b/c a deer darts in front of your car?? no. I had a dog for 10 years, she got out countless number of times, there isn't much you can do about it. The one thing I applaud you on is stopping. It's better for the family to know right when it happened then find it the next day.
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Our dog was hit and killed by a car. The car was speeding, the driver was a young man who was not paying attention. But my mom, who saw it happen, knew that he wasn't fully to blame, because she had opened the door to let the dog out, and the poor pup saw some leaves blowing across the street and ran after them, so fast that nobody could have anticipated what happened.

The young man stopped, and sat on the curb with my mom, and waited until animal control could come and pick up the body. It was very sad, and she really appreciated the fact that he waited.

So that girl was over the top crazy, and I hope that it never happens to anyone again, but I would still think that the decent thing to do would be to stop, just because the dog owner might appreciate it.
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eburgess. I felt bad until she went crazy. I mean I have had several animals hit and killed and never would have thought to shout blame at the person who did it. Simply... if you rolled out a tv on wheels 4 ft in front of a car going 35mph in the dark, does the car who hits it owe you anything, or if they swerve to miss it and strike a guardrail whose fault is that? I know an animal is different, but it's just one of those things that you can't explain where no one is really at fault. It could have been avoided but it wasn't and it's just a sad thing.
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