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I called the SPCA yesterday and Phyllis is still there. I asked the lady how much longer they would keep her , since shes been there so long. She said they'd keep her until shes adopted, no matter how long it takes. Heres the dilemma. I also went to the Vet's office yesterday to ask a few questions and they have a little solid grey kitty there who's been there a week (she was dumped off somewhere and a good samaritan brought her to the Vet clinic). They were going to put her down on friday because no one will take her but they told me they were going to let her stay over the weekend, but on Monday or Tuesday if no one takes her, she will be euthanized. They only have four cages at this small clinic and she is taking up space needed for the recovering patients. I don't know what to do..Phyllis is being well cared for and has as long as she needs to get adopted, but this poor kitten only has a few days. Any advice?
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Even if you want to, there is no way you can save them all. For myself, I always go with the hopeless cases, the wildest of the ferals, the kittens dumped in trash cans, the cat no one can touch. If Phyllis is at a no-kill shelter then she will probably stay there a long time.Older cats are so hard to find homes for, so if it were me, I would take the grey kitty first and work very hard to find a good home for it (while I fostered it) then once that was accomplished I would go get Phyllis. Bless your heart, there are so many to save, but you can only do what you are humanely able to.
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This may be a crazy idea but I'll give it anyway.

How about trading the gray kitten for Phyllis? What I mean is for you to take the gray kitten to the shelter where Phyllis is. Since kittens are adopted easily, ask them whether the kitten can take Phyllis' place. That way poor rejected Phyllis can have a wonderful home now and the kitten will surely get a home soon too!

Whaddya think?
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Melissa, I think lotsocats has a ***great*** idea!!!!!!! The kitten would surely be adopted much quicker than Phyllis since kittens seem more "popular". And the shelter would probably be greatful to have the kitten knowing it would be adopted out quickly.
I say, give it a shot!!!!!!
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I was thinking the same thing! Make a *trade* !!!!!
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WOW!!!! What a great idea.....lotsocats!!!! I was just getting ready to say that Hissy's advice was great...(and it was, beleive me) but then I read Lotsocats idea, and I think it is worth a shot!!!
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I'm going to give it a try! My hubby really wants to get Phyllis. He told me today that he thinks she deserves a chance to be loved and cared for. She spent 2 years living on her own before she came to be at the SPCA. The winters here get pretty cold, so it must not have been easy for her. And to have to spend the better part of a year ina cage..the poor dear! We will be going to get her as soon as possible. I am going to call them about the kitten idea . Hopefully they will do it, I know they have a big waiting list of kitties to be brought in.

Oh, I think we will be renaming Phyllis Charlotte .I love that name! I almost named my daughter that! Wish us luck
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How funny, I had that thought about trading too! Must be a good idea!

What if you pay for Phyllis / Charlotte AND leave the kitten who would be adopted so quickly - fast money for them would be a great selling point for the idea.

I suppose you could bring the kitten home as a charity case and see how long it takes to go from "just until she finds a home" to "part of the family" . . . Maybe hubby wouldn't even notice . . . No, I'm teasing, but little gray kitties are a soft spot for me.
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Great idea Sunlion, and me too, little grey kitties are a soft spot for me also....I miss my Ash, but I am so glad I have my little Sabrina!
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It might work.I now have '3 members of the family' that were just the old 'until we find a home'......

who said that??????
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I show my hubby these posts and he just shakes his head and laughs saying "They're worse than you!" .
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I know what you mean - that is funny! Tell him he will get a great big bunch of kitty kisses and cat hugs if he lets BOTH come home!
Now where can a man get an offer like that? ( a few to start!)
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