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Anxious Vet Visit

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Hello ,
Well I didn't see my first post so maybe I didnt do it right ? I am sitting here all blurry eyed and they are stinging from lack of sleep ..... I was supposed to take my brand new kitten I got to the vet yesterday but I couldn't make it on time . Boyfriend had to finish up a job at work ( hes a machanic ) and the boss wouldnt let him go Anyhow it has been like torture I know my poor kitty is in quite a bit of discomfort ..... My new kitten is full blooded manx and I got him yesterday I haven't named him and any suggestions on a name would be helpful...... This poor baby came to me terribly skinny and I could feel every bone in his body . He is 7 weeks old and I believe allthough I am not a doctor I am a great judge at cats . I live eat sleep breath cats and I am about 99% sure that he has an impacted bowel .... The girl that had him brought him to me in a plastic walmart bag and he was covered in his own feces ( yuck ) ! I immediately got a bowl of warm water and some of my pantene shampoo and cleaned him off . He weighs no more than a half full soda and if you made the okay sign with your hand he could probably poke his head through your fingers .... just soo sad and I was so desperate to get him in the vets office . I am about an hour away from taking him and I am writting this to keep me busy and to help calm my nerves .... I just cant stand to see any animal suffer and it is very apparent this baby needs some professional help ! Well on a lighter note my Big boy cat Diablo is not hurting this baby but is very jealous of him .... which I knew would happen ...I am glad since he is sick that Diablo is taking it easy on him .... I am sending a pic of him I hope in this post . He is just rotten lol . Thanks for letting me vent and cant wait to get to know some other cat mommys , daddys and babies !
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My God! Who was this person you got the kitten from???

I'm sorry, that just infuriated me no end! Not to mention the condition of the poor baby! How could anyone have so little regard for an animals welfare?

I'm glad this baby has found its way to you, and hopefully to the care it so obviously needs.

The vet is an hour away? Maybe theres a clinic or even a PetSmart closer? I'm fortunate in that even though I no longer drive, there are at least 5 or 6 vet clinics within 10 minutes on the bus.

I hope your new baby is healthy soon, please let us know.

BTW, it's nice meeting you, and welcome!
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Lona, please let us know how the vet visit went. I hope everything will be okay with him. Poor little guy.
I don't have much suggestions for names that are very eliquent, but if you like just plain old names, what about Sammy, or Ernie, or Shadow? Please let us know how he is. My prayers are with him.
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