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Oy... He's tearing my spare room to shreds :rolls eyes:

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Well, I went ahead and brought the former ringworm kitty home. If I didn't know how bad the situation was in the first place, I think I'd be hating the shelter right now. First, I had to talk to four different vets because no one was told I was coming to pick him up, even though there was TWO large notes on the front of his cage saying so. They tried arguing with me that he couldn't go home. I had been told a few days before that if they hadn't found room for him he would have been either euthanized or thrown outside again to get hit by a car. I HATE those dang vets. They put him in my carrier, and I'm listening to him wheeze, and he has green stuff coming out his nose. So I call them back over to tell them he has a URI. (It was obvious.) I ask the girl for a bottle of Clavamox. She disapears for another ten minutes with him, and returns with him and a box of unmixed Clavamox. I grabbed the cat and the box and just walked out the door.

So anyhoo... He's being a holy terror at the moment. Actually, he has been for the past eight hours. I have about 15 toys in there with him, and every half hour I have to go and dig them out from behind the furniture or the closet door. He's just going nuts! He could really care less about mom and me, and aside from the fact Merlin snuck in the room, he doesn't seem to realize there is three cats on the other side of the door. He just wants to chase his toys.

I guess this is what happens when you throw a year old ringworm infected cat into a barn with free access to the outside, and then have him a very small cage in medical recovery for a week's time. (Mind you, the "recovery" is all from spay/neuters, about 200 a week, in fact.) He's about four pounds lighter than the last time I saw him. He's dandruffy, and I was able to brush handfuls of hair from him. I actually cried all the way home because he looks so awful. He just kept giving me these sad puppy-dog (sorry!) eyes. I'm bringing in a stool sample to MY vet tomorrow just to be on the safe side, and I'm going to see about getting him in for a exam, too. Aside from being skinny and having signs of poor nutrition, he has a little bit of red on his gums. I'd say for what he went through he's pretty healthy. (Raised from a month old in a home, then to a warm shelter, then to an ice cold barn. )

All I can hear right now is: swish ............... thud......... Clatter ............ swish ......... bang bang bang ........... swish........ thud: as he slides across the room after toys and knocks into things. I'm hoping this is just him working of pent-up energy and finally feeling safe enough to play. He hasn't had a nap since I brought him home. Please let him crash (as in sleep!) tonight!

(No, we don't have a name yet. We're thinking of Kyper, but it just doesn't seem to fit him.)
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You really have your hands full. I think its wonderful that you adopted this poor kitty, what a lucky cat he is.
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Aw, thank you! If it had been up to me I would have adopted him back in June when I went looking for a new cat. (We had just lost a black cat a few weeks before, and the only think my mom asked me is that I not choose a black cat.) I ended up finding Merlin, though, so I'm glad things worked out like they did. I've been in love with him since I started volunteering in October. It's just taken this long to convince my mum to let me take him home. It may not be permanent yet, but at least I know he'll always be safe.
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This kitty is lucky you are in his corner, and he is probably rediscovering his kittenhood with those toys! Not to mention so grateful to be released from the cage he was in-

Let him play and if there are any mice in the barn, he will find those too!
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Thanks for taking in that poor kitty! Sounds like he's having a ball! Sending good vibes his way
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"hyper" seems more appropriet as a name . But he is more than likely just bouncing out the stress of living in a gage . Hope that you can keep him though.
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How fantastic that he's found you, I'm so happy for him! And how lovely to hear too that after all he's been through he's got a chance to play in safety. I hope he's letting you sleep too occasionally Looking forward to hearing how he progresses!
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Thank you all!

He actually slept for 12 hours straight!! I'm guessing it was the peace and quiet of my house, along with a few comfy beds. He's seemed to have calmed down this morning. He's talking like crazy, and hugs my leg like a little kid asking to be picked up. (He's a shoulder cat; has been since the day I met him.) My boys and him are finally talking and hissing at each other. So.... I really hope this works out and I can adopt him. I noticed him sucking the bed and kneeding it last night. Not that it's a problem, but I tried putting another cat who did that with Merlin last summer, and the other cat took to trying to nurse on Merlin's back. Mer went into hiding, and I ended up giving up after a month and a half. I never saw Mer anymore and the other cat was sleeping maybe 2 hours a day at most, and crying constantly the other 22 hours. Once he went back to the shelter he went to back to normal (I kept calling to make sure he was okay), and Merlin hasn't hid at all since.

Please please please let this work!!!!

(Okay, so I'm also thinking about the name Cessa. There's a skater named Cesar, and the announcers always pronounce it Cessa and I just how it sounds.)
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