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Murphy's last few days...

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Murphy,the oldest of my 2 cats (12 years), went to the vet today (after being sick for a few weeks), and we got some very bad news. Poor ol' Murph's kidneys aren't working anymore, and at 12 years old, there wouldn't be much use in putting him through treatments and recovery, which would not only be costy, but be very hard on him. The vet gave him some intravenus fluids (as he was severely dehydrated), and said, basically, he has a day or two left in him. Well we dont want ol' Murph to suffer, so tomorrow we're going to put him to sleep It's sad, but we all know that Murph has been spoiled rotten all his life, so at least he's going out happy, haha !!!

We'll all miss him, and the only hard part is going to be walking into that room with him tomorrow...
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Oh bless poor Murphy and you for giving him a great life, and yes it's a hard choice but like you said you don't want him to suffer, I lost one to kidney disease a few years back. You and Murphy will be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow
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Oh I'm so sorry. I'm glad that you're treating Murphy so kindly and letting him have some rest from all his pain but I'm sorry you have to let him go. Good luck tomorrow.
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Aw I'm very sorry. I'll be thinking of you and Murphy tomorrow!
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Thank you all
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It is so sad when a cat does not live out its full life span. But you are giving Murphy the best you can, and he has been loved. I am so sorry for your oss.
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i am so sorry to hear that you have to take your cat in to be put to sleep I have had to do this twice and it is very hard. sacha was 19 and misty the 1st was 16 and both were very loved you just have to tell yourself that its for the best, murphy wont suffer at all . remember the happy times
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I'm so sorry about Murphy. I too had to put my beloved Bud down in Januarary, he was only 11. I know the pain you are feeling but know that it is the selflless thing to do not to make them suffer.
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Im`so sorry for poor Murphy... RIP sweet angel...
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Like many of us on here I lost my 14 year old Jimmy to kidney disease last year. It's a terrible disease and I'm sorry that you are Murphy are going through it. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow.
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I am so sorry you will be in my thoughts.
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I am so very sad for you. I had to have my dearest little Spikey put down in August and I still cry for him and miss him so terribly much. He was only 2 years old and I loved him so dearly. I cannot imagine having a cat for 12 years and then having to put him down. You ARE doing the right thing....the kindest thing you can do for your dearest kitty, to let him out of his misery, before it becomes totally unbearable for him. Thinking of you and know that many people here are here for you....
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****hugs**** I am so sad for you. I know it is hard on you. He is a happy cat now, playing and running. I am sure he is sending you love.
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So sorry you had to lose him. Be proud that you did right by him and know that he will be waiting for you at the bridge and someday you will be together again. Hugs.
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BIg Hugs! RIP sweet Murphy!!
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Sorry to hear about Murphy, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
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I am sorry to hear about Murphy. Remember him as a lively, happy kitty. You have done all you can and have loved him for a long time. You have had the courage to be with him to the end.
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