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Her vet appointment went really good.
The vet couldnt her anything in her chest or breathing when we took her but she said that most likely that it was a cold that she did have. She said that Sakura is gonna keep coughing for the next while even though it seems that the cold is done and over with. Sakura may have asthma that makes the coughing a little more worse.
The vet checked her ears and they were really dirty way down inside so she gave us a small dose of drops incase its ear mites, she didnt see any but just incase. We are gonna go back in a month so she can recheck everything and make sure its all gone and give her vaccinations.

So I feel soooo much better. It still hurts to see her cough but i'll just have to keep thinking that she is on the mend.

Well she's begging me to play with her again so bye!

Thank you everyone for all your help. It was greatly appreciated!