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Poor Scooter

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I don't know where this belongs but my cat is very sick and I just need to rant. Scooter came to me as a feral kitten 6 years ago, he was probably 6 months old and the cutest little fur ball ever. Later he developed a very bad upper respirtory infection, we took him to the doctor and he had a partially collapsed lung, a narrowed trachea, and pnemonia. He was put on a combination of three meds and got better, he was taken off two of the meds after two weeks but remained on Cefa for several years. Then it stoped working so we took him in for an evaluation and she gave him different meds. On Saturday morning he was very sick, he had a temp of 95, very dehydrated and had the "lights are on but no ones home" look. They kept him over the weekend, but we went to see him twice a day. He stabalized and went home on monday. Both vets think its cancer but it may also just be a fungal infection. Tommorrow he goes in for a recheck and a test to see if its fungal or cancer. Half of me feels optomistic that its just a fungal thing since he has had this problem for years, its the same symptoms, only worse. So I am praying its whatever this has been. The other part is terrified that this is cancer . Both my parents smoke and I am so mad at them right now, I could just kill them. Scooter's my baby, he has been with me through everything, when I am sick he won't leave my side. I just feel so bad for him because he is only 6. I feel like I'm not doing anything for him right now, he is on prednisolone and lasix but he isn't getting any better, I know it hasn't even been a week but its so hard to see him so sick. I want to take him to K State but I don't know if they can do anything, plus I don't think we can afford it right now, I just feel so bad, poor Scooter. I'm trying not to cry because he gets so worked up when I cry but I just can't help it. I just needed somewhere to vent. Prayers and GLOWS are welcome, I hope he can pull through this.
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What a terrible time you are having, but you must not blame yourself and say you are doing nothing for him. You seem to be doing all that is humanly possible, and you have given him several chances at life that he would not otherwise have had. I can only wish him well and hope that it turns out not as badly as you fear. Stay strong for him.
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I am sorry to hear your baby Scooter isn't doing well. I agree you mustn't blame yourself. It seems you have done everything to be done.
Sending good vibes to you and Scooter.
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I'm so sorry This must be seriously frightening for you, and so very difficult to stay calm to keep Scooter calm. Hugs, good wishes and thoughts for you both, hope you get some better news for him soon.
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Scooter is in our prayers you too! Mischka & Linx send big hugs and belly rubs!
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Thank you all for your prayers, unfortunatly they weren't enough, I don't think all the prayers in the world would have saved him, even if I had taken him to KState. My mom took him to work today (I had the day off because I am recovering from surgery and a really bad accident). He was really bad, dehydrated again (even though he had 100 cc's of SQ fluids the night before), when he got dehydrated the mucus in his throat would get hard, making it more difficult to breath, on the other hand, if we gave him 100 cc's of fluids or started an IV it would go to his lungs and he would drown. He was there throughout the day, they were giving him little bits of fluids every hour, a lot of steriods, and he was in an oxygen cage. I called my mom after she got off and told her I needed a refill on my pain meds and asked her how he was doing. She told me how bad he was, I was at a friends house and left to go see him. When I first went in he was so happy to see me that he got excited which made it harder for him to breath and he got very distressed, I left him in the cage for a while and just talked to him. Then I took him out and held him on my lap and kissed him. He seemed to be suffering so I called the doctor in there to talk, I asked if he was suffering and she said it was really close, that if it was her cat she would euthanize, right then he got very distressful and peed on me, he was dying. We went into the exam room and she did her special little thing (she turns down the lights and lights a candle) and Scoots crossed the bridge. It was so hard, I love all my cats but Scooter was very special to me, he was my baby, when I was sick three years ago with Mono I was in bed for over a month and he never left my side. He was always taking care of me and I felt I wasn't doing enough to help him. I know I did everything I could, but I just feel horrible.
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Oh I am so sorry to hear about Scooter!

Lotsa of hugs to you at this hard time!
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I'm so sorry about Scooter. I was hoping for the best for him and you were trying so hard to get him well. I'm glad you could be there for your baby as he crossed over - it's very hard but it was a loving thing to do for him. Reading about what Scooter meant to you has got the tears going...

Hissy has something posted in the Crossing the Bridge forum. You'll see it at the top - it's for everyone who has lost one of their babies. It's called "Hoping this Helps Those in Pain". Read it when you feel up to it.

My heart goes out to you because I know what it feels like to lose a cat you love. You fought to keep Scooter alive - he knew you were trying to help him and he knew you loved him.
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I am so sorry, but I am glad you were there for him, so he felt your love as surrounding him as he went to the Rainbow Bridge. I believe you'll see him again, and your love for him, and his for you, will live on in your heart. He will always be with you.
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My thoughts and prayers are with you, RIP Scooter
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I'm so very sorry you lost your precious baby. Scooter is so happy and healthy today, playing with his friends in Heaven.
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I am very sorry for you and Scooter. But please remember that he is free and healthy across the RB now and will wait for you there, always knowing your love. Scooter is looking over you now and will forever
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I'm so sorry. It's very, very hard, but keep reminding yourself you have no reason to feel bad about your choice. You did the absolute best that you could for him, and you acted only out of love, putting his needs and his comfort first. What you actually did for him was to find a way of bringing comfort and peace into a situation where his illness was already causing him distress and was likely to get worse- you took an awful situation and made it better for him. Sometimes I think that's the ultimate act of love and friendship, although it's so devastating to lose a friend like this. Many thoughts and much sympathy.
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I am so sorry to hear about your beloved Scooter You did the most loving thing you could for him. You will be in my thoughts. RIP Scooter.
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You tried so hard, but it was not to be. I am so sorry that Scooter didn't make it.
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Thank you for your kind, comforting words during this very hard time. I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner, I just haven't felt up to posting, I've taken this particularly hard. I'm feeling somewhat better but it's still really hard to think about. We took him yesterday to be creamated, I normally don't creamate my cats but because he was such a special cat to me I wanted to have it done. Dr Arnold talked to me about it and I decided since I won't be living here forever I would much rather have the option to take him with me to college, my house, ect, so he can be with me and be safe no matter what I do or where I go. We picked out a really pretty cat statue urn for him. We took him to Rolling Acres Pet Cemetary, my other option was the Humane Society and I don't trust them 100%, I don't believe I will get my Scooter back. They do group creamations where they put everyone together, I don't like that, they also do private creamations, but I don't know what would keep them from giving me back someones dog, they just don't care as much. I know the lady at Rolling Acres, she cares more and they only do private creamations so I know I will get my baby back. I feel better knowing I can still keep him with me, no matter what.
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