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Oh No!!!

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My Beba kitty had her kitten(she was pregnant) today and it did not make it. I feel so bad, I did everything in my power to try to get the kitten to survive.
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I'm sorry for your loss.
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im sorry to hear that will send good vibes to beba
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Oh no, I'm so sorry.
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Aww I'm sorry to hear that too!
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Is having one kitten in a litter normal though? Does anyone know, this was my first birthing of my own cats that I have been through. All the other birthings that I have helped in had at least 3. And does anyone know if she could possibly have anymore?
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Poor Beba! I am sorry for her loss. Yes, there could be another kitten inside. My very first housecat was born in such a situation. Her mom delivered a very large kitten, still born, and a few days later began to have discharge so my mom took her to the vet. My kitten and another (who also died) were delivered by the vet. The mama kitty was in a weakened condition, so I was allowed to keep her & the new Miss Bonnie Lee next to my bed. Jolie, the mom, didn't make enough milk, so I gave little Bonnie supplemental bottles. She grew up to be a very large, beautiful long-haired grey tuxedo.
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Oh how sad Hugs to you.
Call the vet and tell them of the situation and get their opinion.
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I would certainly take her to the vet, quite quickly, as there might be a dead one left and that could kill the momcat if left.
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My condelences for Beba... RIP
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I posted another thread called Beba kitty update...check it out
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I am sorry that you lost the little kitten - sometimes these things are meant to be.
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(((mindyblondie))) I know you did everything you could. How is the mama kitty?
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Oh no! I don't want to make you talk about it, but what happened? Well, the little one is doing okay now.

Someone once told me, when my baby rat Belle passed, that all the others that the Bridge are carng for her, because she's so little. Now I think its time to pass it on to you. Now you know.

I'm really sorry. At first it feels like its your fault, but later on you'll realize something just didn't go right, and she had to leave, early as it was.

RIP, little one.
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I'm sorry for your loss, my prayers are with you.
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