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The smell of a certain type of glue - that is on those stickers that are kind of fat and soft - it reminds me soooooo much of being a little girl!
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The fresh smell right before it rains.
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And Hoppes #9
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Magic they still call it that?

The newspaper...The New York Times of course!

Heavy cream, or whipped cream, the real stuff, NOT Cool whip, yuck.

Gasoline, seems we've got a lot of gasoline addicts here!

Fresh Basil (not weird, but I love it.)

Baby powder.

Boiling artichokes.

Clam broth.
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Leonard and Denise reminded me of one....

Gun powder. Well, burned gun powder. The smell of the firing line at the Nationals when 100+ rifles are going to shoot at one time one a range... Nothing like it!
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My farts........Just kidding

I like the smell of gasoline and the smell of freshly opened tennis balls
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gasoline and the scent that a candle gives off when you blow it out...
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I love the smell of wintergreen alcohol. I will pour it on a paper towel and clean my face with it. It smells and feels wonderful.
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Ah! I love the smell of the mimeos for the tattoo flash and most other smells of a clean tattoo facility.
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I love the smell of Rain on the hot road!

I love the smell of new books!

I love the smell of horses and new born kittens!

I love the smell of Petrol!

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That a fun thread!

I'm not sure if it counts as weird or not, but I like the scent of walnut hulls. I mean the leathery outside part, that you that take off before you get to the hard inner nutshell. Also, there's the smell of a new basket, mat, chair, or really anything that is woven out of reeds.

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1. Unleaded petrol - and oil smeared on a mechanic. They always smell good

2. Roses. Nothing on earth compares to roses.

3. Fresh cut grass mixed with honeysuckle on a warm summer evening

4. Fresh baked bread.

None of those are really wierd....

5. New carpets.

6. teabags

7. woodchippings/sawdust

8. toothpaste
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my absolute favorite smell is petrol! i cant get enough of it
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Eponine's cat breath, new car interior, marshes (we have a lot of them here in Savannah)
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I gotta say, love the new car smell.

Jerry who just out of the shower

musty attics......reminds me of my childhood and going to Grams.

outside after a good rain
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Clean babies
skunks (don't ask)
My husband
the ink from the old paper copiers
Brute Cologne
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Peanut Butter (reminds me of childhood)

Play Doh (reminds me of childhood)

Old Spice cologne, as long as it's not too much on the guy.

How my cat Dusty smells... she has this slight "sweet" scent about her and I do not know why!!!

The smell that hangs in the air just before it rains.

Melting cheese. Cheese makes everything better.

Coffee in the percolator... oh the anticipation of CAFFEINE
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