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Originally Posted by pinkdaisy226
Ha ha! Yeah I get the same. Man you, me and Fwan should all just get together and read and no one would bother us!
We could have an internet read-in
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What is the worst food you could eat?
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-My name is Samantha Ann Pratt

-I live in Wellington, New Zealand

-I live with my Mum

-I'm 14 years old

-We have 1 dog, 3 puppies, 5 cats and 4 kittens

-I speak English and French

-I love to clean!

-I'm a coca cola addict

-Ham, Bacon & Pork are my favourite foods!

-I love taking photos of my kitties!

-I'm easy to talk to in person and I love making friend

I'll probably think of some more.
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I live in Central Georgia.

I am a country girl and VERY proud of it.

I am 25 years old.

I am a MAJOR coca-cola addict (the only thing I ever drink).

I am a fast food junkie.

I have read the Bible twice.

I love Sandra Bullock movies.

I was born on Father's Day.

I have been teaching myself sign language for the past couple years.

I have 2 sisters and 1 brother.

I write poetry.

I'm a redneck (proud of that too).

I love country music.

I LOVE American Idol and I'm a Saula fan (for those who understand the meaning of Saula).

My middle name is Mischelle (and usually misspelled by most people).

I'll think of more later....
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I'm a 56 year old bachelor from Pittsburgh, I've just gone through knee replacement surgery, I love cats (surprise!), I volunteer with Cat Sense, a cat rescue organization in Pittsburgh, I have a large collection of VHS movies, A borderline diabetic, and I work on a golf course, From time to time I'll sneak in other tidbits about myself!
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Ok, i'll add a bit!

I am 22

I have a bad knee problem

I used to be extremely sporty and a member of a gymnastics squad and athletics team

I can speak French to a pretty high standard

I used to be good at Spanish and Russian too (but not now )

I am learning Gujarati

I am an artist

I am really easy going/laid back

I love doing voluntary work

I LOVE knitting!

I make a lot of my own clothes and cut my own hair

I think that'll do for now, I'll add some more another time, when I think of some other things!!

This is a fun thread!
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
Ham, Bacon & Pork are my favourite foods!
It's a good thing you don't have a pet pig
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I love to drink water

I love to get presents!
I love smileys

I have slept about 22 hours out of the last 30.

I need to go on a diet because my pants dont fit.

My mum told me, since ive moved out we have put on alot of weight
i have lots of scratches from teufelon my right hand.

I love to drink tea with milk, Italians and germans nearly throw up from seeing me do it.

we had a party on saturday and i still havent cleaned up all the mess!
I hated cleaning all the cups that they all drank out of because there were so many of them!!
(next time ill take plastic cups)
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I adore cats with a passion.

I don't like school.

I'm honest.

I love italian foods.

I don't enjoy shopping often.

I live in a multispecies home.
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I don't want this thread to get lost. SO:

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i think you love it !
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I am 72, love cats, my wife, my home, my leisure, my hobbies (not necessarily in the order shown) and life in general, and am amazed that God has blessed me to the extent he has, 'cause I sure don't deserve it, but am grateful, nonetheless.

I like this forum, too ! !

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Originally Posted by flisssweetpea
Oh good I'm not the only one. This is going to sound really stupid - but I've been reading the last of the Dark Tower novels since before Christmas - because if I finish it.....that's more Roland of Gilead unless I start reading them all over again. Sheesh - how old am I? You'd have thought I would have grown out of this by now
Oh God, I am not alone! I didnt' get mine until Christmas, but I'm only half way through it, just because I hate to see it end!
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I thought of a new one in class today!

I love reading. Love it with a passion and can get really into my books. When I was younger my mother once caught me reading in the shower... she caused me to drop the book and ruin it (it was Izzy Willy Nilly which I still love to this day)!

I also used to read in class... put the book in my lap in my school book. And I found myself trying to do this today in class because I was really into a book I was reading! I guess old habits never die!
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Originally Posted by fwan
i think you love it !
Yes, Fwan, I really do. It's just the way people have matter-of-fact and truthful. It reveals so much, I love it. I go to it immediately in the Lounge when it pops up.
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Originally Posted by ugaimes
It's a good thing you don't have a pet pig
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