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tears in the eyes?

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I have a 2 1/2 year old nuetered male. Tubby has had "tears" in his eyes off and on since yesterday (Thursday 11/1). Are they really tears or does he have a health problem? He seems to be okay otherwise. Although, he did sleep more today than ussual. A little more history would be: we also have a 10 year old spayed female, who is healthy except for a heart murmer. We have a 6 month old, as yet unspayed female, who is being treated for worms for the 2nd time. She has also been treated for a urinary tract infection and ear mites.All three kitties are strictly indoor cats and only go out for trips to the dreaded vets office. Is Tubby's problem reason for concern? I appreciate any help. Thank yo.
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I don't know a lot about this, but one possibility is that Tubby has developed an allergy to something in your home, which is making his eyes water.

There may be others here who are more knowledgeable and can give you more help.
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It is possible that he has somehow come into contact with a virus. Just watch his eyes for any green or yellow discharge. If there is an infection going on, the third eye lid will start to show. If thats the case, then a vet visit is in order. If it stays clear and mild, it may be something in the air aggrivating his eyes.
How long have you had the 6 month old? What is her background and where did she come from?
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Thanks for the helpful insights. i still need help though. I don't know what a third eye lid is/means. So far Tubby's tears are clear but he does look to be swollen in the eye area and my husband told me that he sneezed alot today. The 6 month old (named Ozzie) came from an outside cat that comes to visit us occasionally. Ozzie's mommy likes to come and eat but won't let us get too close. She left the baby here and we brought her in. Ozzie has had her share of illness but the vet is convinced that everything is fixable. Thanks again.
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When cats are sick, in the corner of the eye closest to the nose a little flap of skin will start to appear, that is the third eyelid.
If it stays clear and goes away fairly quick, it may just be an allergy or something that got into the eye. If it starts to get a little goopy and you get the third eyelid, It may just be that Ozzie brought something into the house and gave it to Tubby. Although vaccines do work, they don't protect against all strains and in some cases, it just reduces major infection to mild. Seeing as how Ozzie had been exposed to some of the cat viruses and has had some problems, he could just be sharing with Tubby. I would just keep an eye on him and see if anything develops. If it does, it is completly fixable and he will be fine.
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Do you know if there's some kind of over the counter rinse for this...my baby Murphy is experiencing this and I'm so unhappy for him ....

When I was younger, we used to use boric acid, but, I don't know if that'll work for cats.

Just in case you weren't sure, here's a little information about it:

Boric Acid, white crystalline powder, formula H3BO3. Although boric acid is poorly soluble in water at room temperature (1 g dissolving in 18 g water), it dissolves readily in hot water (1 g dissolving in less than 4 g water) and in alcohol and glycerine. It is slightly volatile in steam. A significant amount of boric acid appears in natural steam vents in Tuscany (Toscana), Italy, but free boric acid is not otherwise found in nature. Salts, however, occur in many places. Boric acid can be easily prepared by treating borax with sulfuric acid. Boric acid in solution is only slightly acidic and acts as a nonirritating, slightly astringent antiseptic, mild enough to be used as an eyewash.

I should investigate further though...just wanted to see if you knew of it or maybe another alternative.

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I have never agreed with using the boric acid around a cats eyes. I know a lot of persian people use it. If you are just talking about an aggrivated eye from dust or allergies, I would use plain ole artificial tears to help free up any gunk.
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Here's an update on Tubby's condition: His eyes are still tearing. He slept for most of the day today and did not play at all. He has seemed to drink lots of water. Did you mean artificial tears like a visine type product that we use, or something like a contact lens wearer would use?
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Well, I was looking through the pharmaceuticals I have over here and I remembered that my Ninya had the same thing along with the sneezing fits that he seems to be experiencing as well.

The stuff is called Neo-Predef and I've investigated it fully, the expiration date is fine so it's still good. I've always made sure to keep all my meds in a very sanitized area, so I went ahead and applied it to his eyes. I already see a difference. This stuff is great! They were so pink before and now they don't seem so irrated. I put the oinment on about seven hours ago. He was very sleepy and it didn't bother him a bit.

He's eating great and he still wants to play a bit...he must be feeling a little better (I hope, I hope, I hope) I'll see what happens in the morning. I really do think he has a cold though...if not, some kind of allergy......eeeeeeeeks...I hope he's not allergic to the kittens :paranoid2

Thanks for your reply Sandie

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Artificial tears are just plain ole steralized water. The box will say they are artificial tears.
The Neo Predef is an antibiotic I believe with a steroid in it it. Most of the eye ointments work wonderful, but I think you have to get a prescription from the Dr. in order to get them.
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Well, his eyes are still watering today , I don't know what else to do but to call the vet. I don't want him to be sick and not know what is going on here. I have two other babies that may catch this if they're exposed. Which they seem okay right now, but I don't want to worry about further problems nor do I want them to suffer too. I'll keep ya posted after I take him. I am thinking it may be an allergy to the new litter, it may've affected him and not the kittens. I'll keep ya posted after I get back from the vet.

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Tubby seemed better today. His eyes did not seem as swollen and they looked clear. I did not see any tears either. He even played a little bit this morning with the 6 month old. He did sleep the rest of the day. however, this evening he looked tired again and his eyes looked funny again. Do youthink I should ake him to the vet or still wait a couple of days to look (hope) for more improvement?
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Well, my vet can't see Murphy until tomorrow, I'm so worried, but he is eating and drinking. I just hope that he's not in any type of pain. He doesn't seem to be in discomfort, but he might be so diplomatic...such a diplomat; worried about the kittens instead of himself ...

I'll keep ya posted...Oh and Gert, I wouldn't wait to take your baby to the vet. I normally (imo) wouldn't wait for anything pertaining to the health of a cat...it's so unpredictable how fast they can go down from a cold. Ya know?


Love & Peace,
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Good news! Tubby is perfectly fine today. He played all morning long with the baby kitty. His eyes look normal and he even came and asked for his morning treat. I will still keep a close eye on him but for now I think we have passed the crisis. I hope your baby ges better too. Keep me posted. I have a prayer for you.
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Hi Gert and Sandie

Oh how cool! That is great news!

Well, like I said, I told ya I'd keep ya posted...I wish I could say the same for my Murph I took him to the vets this morning, his appointment was at ten, but I wanted to get it him there earlier cause I was so concerned about those eyes and now that clear turned to yellow

The doctor saw him and gave him 2 prescription antibiodicts and one tube of ointment for his eyes. I felt so bad for him...oh, and he got a shot he didn't like that at all I think I felt it too

The vet said that he should be okay in about a couple of days and totally healthy within a week, it appeared to be a head cold. He wasn't coughing and he didn't have a temperature. So...just a rotten cold...but THANK GOD is all I have to say! Poor baby, but I'm so grateful it's nothing worse than that. He's getting so spoiled...(as it should be) My MurphMonster

Love & Peace,
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I am glad Tubby is okay, sometimes they can get allergies like we do as well as get a scratch or dirt in there.
Cat, I am glad you took Murph in. Unfortunatly upper respitory infections are common, especially in multi cat households or outdoor cats. I went from an every 3 year vaccine schedule to an every year because of my cat population. You cought it very early on and his misery is going to be short lived. I wish him a speedy recovery!!
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I am glad for you that it wasn't anything more serious than a cold. When my vet gives a shot the kitties don't even know it has happened. I wish I could say the same for MY doctor!.
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