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Weird litter box problem

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Hello everyone,

I have two feral cats that have been fixed. One is Kiki and the other is Billy. Unfortunately they don't like each other----but that's another story. Both have been indoor/outdoor cats and all was going well until Kiki decided he no longer wanted to go outside and therefore used a litter box. In order to get him to use the box I got one of these "attract" litters and it worked very well.

Now, Billy has been going out and never has used the box. Recently he has decided to go into the box---scratches, squats down and stays maybe for a good minute or two, "finishes" scratches, gets out and immediately assumes the cleaning position with his head between his hind legs. Well, I was sooooo happy the first time he did this that after he left the room I went over to the box and guess what----it was bone dry! I don't know what on earth is going on, but he is obsessed with this box and follows all the natural positions in using one, but never leaves a drop.

I finally got worried cause I thought maybe he just couldn't go, so I took him to the vet who checked him over felt his bladder, took a urine sample and turns out there's absolutely nothing wrong with him.

I'm curious if anyone else has used this type of litter and if they've had a problem like this. Other then that he seems very normal and actually spends most of his time outdoors in the AM and early evening.

BTW Kiki continues to use the box but ONLY for #1---not #2. For that he must mysteriously in the dark of night go out just long enough for that. Vet said he was also fine. I do keep a window open so that's possible.

I've just got weird but lovable cats!

Thanks for any information.

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Unfortunately I don't have any advice to offer. It sounds like you've been very thorough in getting your cats checked. My kitties stay inside, so they've usually used the litterbox normally. Hopefully someone else can offer you some advice.
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You know, this just does not sound normal- I would take him into another vet for a second opinion. Crystals can get into the cat and block him so he can't pass urine, that would be my fear-
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very strange. may be he's jealous or as hissy says may be the vet missed something. Hope you get to the bottom of it . no pun intended.
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Just to say you really should have at least two boxes, as cats often do not like to pee and poop in the same place. That may explain the nocturnal journeys! But I have no advice or experience on the other problem.
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Thanks all for your replies and opinions. I really think it's that particular litter doing what it's suppose to do-----attract cats! When I took Billy in the vet also checked his bladder and it was empty, so he's going somewhere.

Kiki the other cat uses it box regularly, but has never used it for #2. I'm sure he goes out at night to take care of that.

I'll get another box and we'll see what that will do. I may also once this litter is gone use something else. Kiki is used to using the box now so I'm sure he'll continue even if there's not that "attract" scent. Maybe then Billy will just go back to his normal routine. I'll continue to watch closely and if I notice anything else strange I'll take him to another vet.

Thanks again everyone,

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