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my kitties

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This is Felicity, the cuddliest cat ever!

This is Emo

And her twin sister Easter!

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Beautiful furrys!
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Great looking kitties. I like the second Emo picture the best I think
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hehe that ones my favourite too! We're fiiinally getting them fixed this month! (About time!) Poor babys
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there so pretty also they got a beauiful window view too ! 'nice'
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Beautiful kitties! Felicity does look very cuddly and Emo is so cute!
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What precious babies you have! Those are wonderful pictures....thanks so much for sharing!
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Awww, you have beautiful kitties.
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Awww, such sweet, sweet faces!!!
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Your kitties are so pretty! Hey, I've been to London Ontario before! It was in the winter, and MAN was it COLD!! It's a very nice place, though.
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Oh what darlings. I LOVE Emo!
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