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Poor kitty

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So, my poor Easter has a cut on her chin. It's not deep, and it's not infected, but she's had it for a couple weeks. I think it's cause she keeps scratching it. Is there anything I can do to keep her from scratching it so it heals?

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Cut her back toenails and keep them trimmed short, hopefully that will help it heal.
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You could also put an E-collar on her, which unfortunately, she won't like. Cats usually heal quickly, though, so you may only need to use it a couple of days which will give it a chance to heal and let you clean and apply medicine to it.

I recently saw an alternative to the E-collar in a Care-A-Lot Pet Supply catalog. It allows cats to move much more freely and they're able to eat and drink comfortably. It's called a "Bite Not" collar. The website is www.carealotpets.com

BTW, what a great picture of Easter - she's a cutie!
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what a sweetie your baby is! how is Easter doing? Hugs from Mischka & Linx
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hehehehe.. thats actually a picture of emo.. . i just posted it because its my favorite picture.

(thats Easter) I don't have a very clear picture of her, but she's a cutie! Her and Emo look almost exactly alike anyways. but I trimmed her back nails, and her chin seems to be healing, thanks for the suggestions!!

Beautiful Deviant
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Lots of vibes coming Easters way so that her chin will heal quickly!
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Wow! You have the cutest kittys! I love the picture of Emo! I'll wish for quick healing for Easter
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