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Quadpod is mine!

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Well the stray that has been hanging around my house is mine. Last Thursday I put a collar on him with a note that said "Does he have an owner, I have been feeding him and he has been hanging around at my house a lot, if he has an owner please call 555-5555." Except I put my real phone number on there, not 555 I didn't know what else to do. Anyway, after that he never came back, so I figured he did have an owner and she was keeping him inside. I thought it very rude though to not call and say "thanks for feeding my cat" or "yea, he has a home." I also thought he might have gotten caught by Animal Control, but then I thought they might call us. Well anyway, today I was walking out the door to get to work, and lo and behold, there is Quadpod. I grabbed him and put him in a carrier, and took him to work. He was leuk tested, vaccinated and looked over, he is 100% healthy. So he is mine now! I gave the owners enough time to take responsibility and I've been checking the newspaper and animal control for lost cats.
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Congratulations on your new cat

How'd you pick "Quadpod"? I like it!
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Lucky kitty! Lucky you! Congrats! have you posted pictures? I am sorta new and trying to learn which furrys go to which name
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Originally Posted by gargoyle
Congratulations on your new cat

How'd you pick "Quadpod"? I like it!
Everyone with a three legged cat names it tripod, I've always wanted to name a cat quadpod just to be smart.

As for pictures, I don't know how to post them, I'm not very computer literate.
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Congrats on the new kitty.
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Congratulation on your new family member!!
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Congratulations on your new kitty! I love the name Quadpod, it's very original! Yes, you covered all your bases and your cat has found an excellent home. I look forward to hearing more about him, and hopefully, someday, see pics! I'm still having trouble exporting mine, something about my browser.....
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Hey Rugbyboy! I'm so glad Quadpod's finally yours! Yay for Quadpod! He's such a lucky boy to have found you. I hope he gets fixed real soon though!
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