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Radio question of the day: 03/03/05

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Do you play card games? If so, which do you like?
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Yep! Besides Solitaire, I like gin rummy, and Euchre, and poker, and Clabber (which seems be a regional game), and others...
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Another solitaire player here. I'm not good at it, but have fun playing poker, too.
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Rummy 500 & Durak (It's a russian game)
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Hummm... I understand bad the question, I use to play 7 Crazy and Manotazo with cards & Poker but when I was a Teenager...

Sorry for the other answer!
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Euchre and Poker
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I'm an amateur magician. It never occured to me to play games with the cards. ;-)
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Euchre, poker, & solitaire.
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Poker of course, however never play with my Dad, he's really good at it.
Gin Rummy
Cansata (I'm not sure if that's how you spell it.)

and some others. Unfortunately I don't get to play much besides poker very often as I don't have any one to play with most of the time.
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I like to play Canasta.
"Please and Thank You" is always fun too. Has anyone played that?
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no but i like go FISH!!!
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Solitare, Tri-Peaks, Uno, Gin
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Solitaire, and when I can find someone to play with -- Cribbage! best game!
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My husband and I play cribbage but he always kicks my butt.
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Pinochle, Solitaire, Spider, BS, Pisde (It's turkish) Gin, Hearts, Spades, and **** (I'm sorry, that's just what it's called!!)
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If you guys check back in, Ryan, how do you play Please and Thank you? Sounds like a very polite game!

Denise, will you ellaborate on your bleeped out game? A long while back, I used to play a card game by such a name and with us both being from NC, I wonder if it's similar?
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Just Solitaire.
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I don't play cards very much, but I like to play solitaire (mainly on the computer!), golf (it's actually a drinking game), war and go-fish. Yes, my husband and I have sat around playing go-fish.
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Clock Patience, Go Fish, and Pairs!
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