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Had to share cute pics

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Alright, whats going on here
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Is this necessary?
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You know, those feet look awful fun, the tail is next!!
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those pics were so sweet!
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How cute!
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Hi Sandie

Those are so cute! I have a lab (is your dog a lab?) and she's just waaaay too hyper. I wish she could get along with the kittens...It's not like I think she wants to eat them...she just has no social skills! :laughing2...she's way to eager to play with them and they don't want any part of her. Poor India. You're cats are adorable

More, pics pleeeeeeeeze :laughing2

Love ya,
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Catarina, Babe is a mix of Rott and chow. I think he has some lab in him as well. He gets a little goofy when he's excited and he likes to swim. Actually the other day, the little red and white one, Petey got a little jumpy and Babe got scared and ran to the door...LOL. I am sure your baby will settle down when she's about 3 or 4
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Sandi - they are absolutely the cutest pics!
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That's a great story...hahaha I'm so sad that India is going to have to wait so long, I'm going to get her spayed this month and I'm hoping that will settle her down. What do you think? Anyone notice that about their over zealous dog? I'm just curious. I've never had a female dog before. I just love her to death..she's soooo smart! It's just that she's so socially inept with the cats

It's really kinda mean of the cats, but I know they tease her! haha..There's a serve through window out from the kitchen onto the porch and Murphy will step out the window and onto the counter and hisses at's a site to can't help but laugh, but I have to go in the porch and make her calm down cause she gets jealous. She's not allowed in the house anymore. Just the porch; and then my bedroom which there's a sliding glass door onto the porch from my room too; she's not neglected at all...I play with her all the time outside; she's the frisbee queen! :laughing2...sometimes I take her to, she's okay.
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Those pictures are priceless! Babe is one big marshmallow.

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Oh Sandie, those pictures are great!!!! It's so cute how you captured the moment like could almost tell what they were thinking....especially in the one where they are all gathered around his leg!
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Ken and I giggled for the longest time when they were doing that. Once the kittens are about 8 weeks old, we start letting the dog in so they get used to dogs. You can kinda tell they have adapted pretty well
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haha - aww!!!! that's so cute!!!!
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Okay, Now PT Cruiser has decided he likes to play with Kens hair. These guys are getting funnier by the day
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Excellent candid photographs! Your buddies are all too cute for words!

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love the tie-dye!
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That's soooo funny! Great shot!!! Hahaha! Reminds me of an old song.."Every Picture Tells a Story Don't It"...Rod Stewart sang it I think..hmmm :laughing2 (ouch, showing my age here!)

I just love when they do that...just knowing that they're on my head or lap...doesn't matter

Love & Peace,
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LOL...thanks AP. My nursery dubs as my office and my 60's room. The room is complete with the lava lamp, funky peace sign poster on the ceiling, beads and plenty of colors. Maybe thats why these guys are so nuts!!
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you're too young to remember the 60's!
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Ken helped
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Now I know why that song came to mind...:laughing2!!! That song came out in the 70's and it was when Rod Stewart sang with the Faces did I know that! Oh, and I had two lava lamps then too! rrrrrrr...OLD! haha!
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Sandie, love the picture!!!! Ken is so tolerant of those cats! My hubby would be clawing the ceiling if the cat jumped on his head...:LOL:

And as for the 60's, you are younger than me, I know 'cause our birthdays are a day apart, (on the calendar that is, not in years... )
and I barely remember the 60's, I was born in 65, okay....I DON'T remeber the 60's...:laughing:

It is so cool how you and Ken both love each other and also both love cats.....Same with Rene and Clint, and Meme and Kittyfoot.

Why couldn't I have found some cat lovin' man out there???

Well, shouldn't complain, I just checked on Hubby, and he is sound asleep, with Merlin curled up by his head, and Sabrina (who isn't even supposed to be in the house according to him) curled up between his legs. All aleep. Picture perfect. Or it would be if he had some clothes on.....:LOL: :laughing: :LOL:
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Awwwwww!!! those pics are just adorable!!! Tooooo CUTE!!!
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Looks like you have a cat sitter in your dog. The small are always mightier then they appear!
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That picture of PT on Ken's head should definitely go to Cat Fancy. It's priceless!

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