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Candles for Ida

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A good friend of mine called last night and told me that their dog Ida had to be put to sleep. Ida was a rottie, and just wanted to be loved and loved some more. They adopted her from the Humane Society that they and their 10 year old daughter volunteer at. They only had her for 6 months.

Ida had a sad history. She had never been spayed and had obviously had many litters of puppies. On top of that, she had mammary cancer, and had just recently had huge tumors removed just prior to them adopting her. That she had "breast cancer", as Kathy put it, sealed the deal on the adoption to my friends. They couldn't let her be PTS at the shelter after everything she had been through.

In the 6 months that Ida was at their home, she was a spoiled rottie who didn't do much except lay in the back yard and watch the world go by and sleep on her pile of blankets (with a heater set up just for her so she wouldn't be uncomfortable). But it became obvious in the past few weeks that she was going downhill, and they took her in yesterday. The vets said that the cancer was back and so bad that treatment wasn't an option. The goodbyes were especially hard on 10 year old Katie. It was her and her father that convinced everyone to adopt Ida.

I'd appreciate it if you could keep my friends, and especially Katie in your thoughts. This is the first death of a canine member of the family that Katie has dealt with. And light a candle for Ida, who at least had a good home and family for the last days of her precious life.
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There are several candles burning here this morning Heidi, I just added another-
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Heidi thats so sad

I'll be lighting a couple of candles in the next couple of hours when i get home from work
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Aw poor Ida. I love the idea of lighting a candle for a beloved pet that passed away, and I'll definitely light one for Ida.
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My thoughts are with your friend and her family. Ida could not have hoped for a better way to spend her last days than surrounded by love.
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oh Heidi, please send them our good wishes and prayers and I do know that she was chosen for a much better place that will do her spirit justice.
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The candles are lit for Ida, who was given the chance to be loved and adored and one for little Katie, to announce to the Heavens about a little girl who has the courage to love even when she knew Death loomed close for Ida. And a big thank you to Katie's parents who are teaching their daughter true love and compassion. All the little children who have crossed over the Bridge are one dog richer today and all the animals here on Earth are blessed with Katie on it. Susan
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Heidi, please send them our good wishes and prayers oh what sad new...
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I will do that. I'm sending hugs to the whole family.
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How sad, I'm sorry to hear about your friend loss, I'll light up a candle for her tonight. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your friend.
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