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Milo is a star

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Milo is the most awesome cat - he loves shows, people, crowds of people, applause, lights and anything else that puts him in the spotlight. He has been cast as Piewacket, the witch Gillian's familiar in Bell, Book and Candle at the West Hartford Park Road Playhouse. Opening night was Halloween and he has four performances weekly until November 18th. Milo is awesome. I don't know how to post a picture, but I sent Sandie the pics of Milo in his tuxedo and ask that she post them for me. Milo puts his Tuxedo on to do his curtain call every night - he isn't thrilled about the tux, but he is a good sport. And he does really well in the play - he is on stage three times and is quite a hit with the audience. Milo - on his way to fame and fortune (I hope).
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Rene and Clint's Milo has been cast in a community theatre
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More Milo in the play
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Milo getting ready for the curtain call
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He's so handsome Rene'!

He looks like he's just eating it up!

Maybe Milo will be the next Morris, only cuter! :laughing2:

thanks for posting those pics Sandie, he's quite the charmer!
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Can I have his 'paw-tograph' before he gets any more famous? What a sweetie-pie!!
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I'm in love!!!!

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Oh that is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us!!! Milo is truley a star!
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aww! I like the "curtain call" pic the best. If I tried to dress Nothin' up like that he'd go crazy! You're a lucky kitty servant that he let you dress him up like that . . .him being the master and all - hahaha :tounge2:
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The first week was a smash! Everyone loves Milo and he just eats it up. We are very lucky that Milo lets us "own" him! He has two more weeks of being a star and then it is back to the real world.
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Ya know there's gonna be no living with him now..

Did ya get him little kitty shades...

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