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I`m very sorry to heard this Eva, believe me, I know how do you feel, a few months ago My Wife & I pass for these difficult time, My prayers to you and my thoughts too...
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How upsetting. I can't imagine. The same happened to my mom three years after I was born. She was also very upset. Please tell Eva, if you get the chance, that my vibes will be sent to her. She's in my thoughts. This has been a bad week for me, and I have been having trouble getting online, so I'm sorry I couldn't send vibes before.
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My deepest sympathies to you all. I'm so sorry.
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Eva, I am so sorry for you and your fiance's loss. Heaven has another guardian angel named Amber and I am sure she is with you now. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
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i am very sorry to hear the loss of your child my thoughts and prayers are with you and your fiance during this hard time
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I don't know you on here but I would like to send you my condolenses. I am so sorry hun
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Eva - I'm so so sorry to hear about little Amber. I know she was desparately wanted. You and Duncan are in my thoughts. Take your time and come back to us when you feel ready
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How sad. She and her fiance will be in my thoughts.
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I'm so sorry Eva, you'll be in my prayers tonight
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Eva, I'm so sorry to hear about Amber. Please take care of yourself and your kitties. My prayers are with you.
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Thank you, Stephanie & Sierra for letting us know. Eva you have our deepest sympathy. I have been there, and there is such a sense of incompletion, and I just hid for three days - I could barely get off the bed long enough to feed & take care of my other 2 daughters. These are truly dark days for you. So, here are some more hugs from California. Love, Susan, Icy, Cinders,JC & Joey.
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I'm so sorry Eva. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.
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Oh, Eva.. I'm so sorry... I wish I knew something better to say but I'm not sure.... You and your fiance are in my thoughts and prayers... We're all here if you need us...
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Aww, Eva!!! Sweetheart, I am so saddened to hear this news. I wish you and your husband well, and am sending extra snuggly hugs to you both tonight and any other nights that you need them.
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Thanks everyone for all your lovely replies, they mean a lot to D and I. I must admit it was such a suprise to get so many replies but I really can not tell you how much they mean to us. And thanks for anyone who mentioned they have also lost a baby because I know how hard it is and I appreicate you sharing it with me. And a huge thanks to Stephanie and Sierra for doing this little post for me.

I haven't been so good since it happened, both Pychically and emotionally. I have been pushing everyone away and not letting anyone in. I guess I just don't want to hurt them because there is no point in hurting someone else too. Right now I am desperately trying not to push people away because I need all the friends and support I can get right now. I am still feeling cvery numb and the whole thing is taking a while to sink in. It still hasn't completly sunk in but I am starting to realise that Amber is gone and she will never be comign back. Right now I do not know how I am going to cope, accept or deal with this because it all seems to much. I am going to see the doctor this week for a chat and I want to get all the tests going to find out what is going wrong because there must be something as this is the fourth baby we have lost and we can't keep going on like this. I will let you know how it goes and keep you upto date as much as I can.

D, Eviecat and Molly have been great to me lately. D has been there as much as he can and will always make time for me when I need it. And Eviecat she is being as lovely as ever and even coming to check on me a lot and giving me some very nice cuddles. She is still a little sensitive over what happened as I can tell what happened has effected her a lot but I knew it would. But I think anyone who saw what i went through would be. And the little one Molly is being as naughty and cheeky as ever but is also being very cute.

Right now I am really trying to focus on getting our new kitty Huggy, because I know that will help. I just wish i could see him now and give him a big hug. but I can't so I just have to keep waiting till the 29th March.

I have so much going on right now, not only with loosing Amber but my wedding only being 11 weeks away (I think) and there is still so much for us to do. And then its my birthday on Friday, a big milestone. I had been looking forward to it but right now I don't feel like celebrating at all but I will try and make the effort. I got an early pressent from D which was sweet. He took me into clinton cards and asked me what teddy I would like (I am a huge fan of the me to you ones) But instad I saw a new collection called Eeyore's little scribbles and he was so cute thatb i wanted him staright way. I have been giving him lots of cuddles and he looks after me when D is working.

Anyway this has turned into a pretty long post so I will say good bye now. I will try and come on a little bit more now because I miss you all so much and I am sorry for all the things I have missed out on.

Thanks again so very much, you are all lovely people and I am so glad I have a nice place like here to go.

Eva x
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I think you are doing really well even to be able to write such a nice post at such a time. Of course you have to grieve - I would say don't try to force yourself to be happy because that is not what your body or mind craves just now, but be yourself, and no-one who cares for you will mind. If you can mark certain occasions that is fine, but don't make yourself be outwardly jolly or you will end up feeling even emptier inside. I like st Julian's words ' All shall be well and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well'. Everyting has its time and all things shall pass.

May you have strength
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Oh Eva.
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I am so glad I have come back as I have missed you all so much. I am just finding this all so hard so please bare with me. I am finding not hiding away and trying to let people in really hard so it may take a while for me to post like I used too. But thanks for all thinking of me and being so lovely.

A tearful Eva x

Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
Oh Eva.
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Eva - it's lovely to see you back my friend. You just take whatever time you need - but know that we're all here for you.
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Eva you are in my thoughts and prayers! Time will heal all Giant Hugs!
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Nice to hear from you Eva! Hope to hear more. Jasper is eagerly waiting to hear if Molly found a new hiding place for her toys!
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