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Ideas for Toys

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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this question! I'm wondering if anyone knows any really good cat toys. My kitty Molly loves toys she can chase, but only if they move of their own accord. She has very little interest in balls or toy mice. I'd like to get her something that would keep her entertained when I'm at work. Any ideas much appreciated!
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a goldfish! seriously, i got a goldfish (brothers friend donated it free of charge) and a tank and maverick watches it for hours. just make sure the lids on tight and she cant knock it over (i found out the hard way....)
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I would say the same. We have a betta fish and our cats like watching him. We also have a gecko, which they love to watch, especially at feeding time. The gecko gets crickets and that is the highlight of their day, watching the crickets. Does your kitty like paper bags and that sort of thing? Are you able to set up a feeder to watch the birds? That is what my kitties like best. They watch birds for hours.
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I have a betta and an albino cory in a five gallon tank on my desk. I'd say Merlin and L.S. spend about three hours a day just sitting in front of the tank, trying to get the fish through the glass. (Though if you do go with any type of fish, make sure the tank is securely anchored. I have mine pushed into a corner so it can't move backwards or side to side. Every so often the cats will charge it and I know they'd knock it off the desk if they could.)
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The fish might work - I think I'll try that. Thanks for the idea! I have a bird feeder and she loves watching birds so I think she'd probably love the goldfish too!
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