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Yay foster mummy!

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Finally! I got in touch with the RSPCA and they are going to interview me to become a foster-mummy for kittens. Can't wait! I have been wanting to do this for so long but with work and study it has been very hard to have the time to commit to such a responsibility. But now that I will only be working part time while I study I'll be able to spend a lot more time looking after the kitties and really am looking forward to it.

Don't know what Maxey is going to say but I'm sure he'll approve! He'll be a great help, too, knowing him.

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Yippee, Sarah! This is fantastic!Oh, I just can't wait to hear about your interview!
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Oh that is awesome Sarah!
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How exciting! Good luck with the interview!!
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I did that for awhile and I have to say....it was a LOT harder than I expected. My first assignment was to foster a family of ferals.....mom and 4 kittens and try to tame them as much as possible so they could be adoptable. I had to keep the foster family away from my cats (I only had Leo and Shelby at the time) so it was quite a challenge keeping 5 kitties in my bedroom for several weeks. My house isn't that big.....so I didn't really have a good "space" to keep them in. If I had a bigger house....I might try it again.

I was able to tame the mom and two of the kittens and they became very loving...but two of the kittens never came around during the time I had them. I did enjoy the experience....but I don't think I'd do it again unless I got a bigger place and could give them their "own" room. I didn't sleep for weeks with 4 feral kittens running all over my bedroom! Plus, it was very distressing for my cats and it took awhile for Shelby to forgive me.

Here's some pictures of my foster babies. You can probably guess the two kittens who were able to be tamed.

Freckles and Cheeser

Cheeser looking in the mirror


Freckles, Cheeser, and Ninja on the floor.


Summer and Freckles

Ninja and Summer....the two solid dark gray babies never would let me get too close. But Cheeser and Freckles became little sweethearts. Fostering is a big responsiblity and I admire you for doing it.
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