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My son Cameron & his Daddy

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Hi All. You might remember me mentioning that I had fallen back in love with my son, Cameron's Dad, Daren (who was my very first love). He is the absolute love of my life and I am completely, hopelessly in love with him. I wanted to share my favorite pics of the birthday party, in which Daren flew up from Vegas for. Isnt he gorgeous???????

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Aww... What cuties they both are !!
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I have to say that this was my most favorite moment of the birthday party. It was SO AMAZING watching the 2 of them together. What I really love is seeing the look in Daren's eyes when he looks at our son. Complete and total adoration and love. It fills my heart with joy, and warmth to watch them. This was probably one of the most happiest days I have ever had.
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Aw how cute! Thank you for sharing.
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What great pictures, wonderful to meet Daren! Your son is just so cute!
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aw they look so pretty!
i had a friend who looked similar to your sons dad. but he moved away.
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What wonderful pictures! They both look so happy!
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(Giggle) I just HAD to look at these pics again... SIGH!!!!

Also.... things are going great with Daren and I. We continue to communicate more and more each day. We both want to be a family, but want to take things slow. I just cant say enough how much I love this man. He makes me so very happy. I fell in love with him when I was 17 (10 years ago), and it feels wonderful to be back in love with him. WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!
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Wonderful. I do hope, for all of you, that there is a really permanent happy ending. I am sure you all deserve it.
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