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i so just had a moment.

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oh my goodness i'm feeling quite rediculous! we got a new kitty at the rescue yesterday named Miss Kitty. She came here because she's FIV+ and I have a room at my house for FIV kitties.

Well she is in one of those towers for a couple days till she gets settled. I didnt want to just put her in a room with the other kitties. So i'm downstairs cleaning and puttin around and I hear her thrashing around in the cage. I went over and she's falling over and cant walk. so i freak out of course, call my mom, am looking for the emergency number.

i went down to put her in a carrier and decided to see if she would drink anything. she wouldnt but when i was sitting with her i realized her collar was REALLY tight. it wasnt like that yesterday. i couldnt figure it out then all of the sudden i realize that she has her front leg through the collar too!!!! i unsnapped it and poof she's fine as can be.

i'm about to fall over from it but she's just fine. i'm tellin ya there's never a dull moment around my house.
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Glad Miss Kitty is okay!!!
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Oh my what a fright!! Sunday did that once when she was a little tiny girl and we put a collar on her for the first time - we didn't notice for ages but she had tried to get it off with her teeth and her bottom jaw was stuck in it - her tooth had gone right through the collar so she was really jammed. Poor little muffin had lost all the fur on the outside of her mouth from the chafing. God I felt like I was going straight to hell and was miserable about it for days, but she was just fine!

Glad your girl is ok, too!
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Aww Poor miss kitty. Glad to hear it wasnt anything serious.
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What a huge scare that was! I'm so thankful Miss Kitty is ok!
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It really was a fright. i felt like my heart was in my throat! it was one of those times when i was like "oh my goodness i broke a cat!! how did i manage that in less than 24 hours?!??"

i'm so glad she is okay. she's just sitting in her tower now and whenever i walk by she just looks up at me like "what's your deal?" like i'm crazy or something.

upside though is now my house is a ton cleaner. i got so worked up now i cant sleep and am all energized so i guess it worked out.

Sara I love Sunday's name! How's you come up with that? I'm thinking my next litter that comes is going to have to have a Sunday!
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I must admit I don't like collars, I've heard numerous horror stories. And there was a cat on a TV programme called Animal Hospital that was a stray, and had got it's leg stuck like yours, and the skin under the leg was slit all open. The vet said it was something they often come across, and the skin doesn't always heal and they loose the leg.

The kitty on the show was ok after a few operations.

Oz has a microchip, so hopefully if he gets lost he can still be traced back here.
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Aww I'm glad she is ok too!
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I'm glad Miss Kitty is ok! I know that's scary because that happened with my Kitty Blackie (now at RB) I saw him limping badly one day and ran over to see what was wrong, and found his front leg stuck in his collar...almost gave me a heart attack though! Now that my kitties are indoor kitties I don't use collars anymore.
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I'm glad Miss Kitty is ok too. That is frigtening! I haven't had the leg thing but we had a couple of times where our kitty, Lewis got his mouth stuck in it.
We were able to catch it right away with no harm done. We got him a new collar and so far this one has been good. We've always had safety collars but I have decided I like the snap apart ones better than the ones with the stretchy thing. I know it's a risk to have collars on and even though my cats are indoor cats they all have collars, bells and tags. We live in a pretty busy suburb right around the big city, and we're next door to a high school, and I just would be heartbroken to have one escape without id. Two of them are microchipped but I still think the collar with a tag is better because a lot of everyday folks just wouldn't think of bringing them in. The collar says, "Hey, I belong to someone!" We have one who always trys to escape, a black one who trys once in awhile, and our other black one hasn't experienced the spring ya yas yet, so we'll see. It seems to be risk either way and because of where we live we decided collars are the better risk. We have bells on all of them in order to hear them when they go to the door. That helps a lot! I think it it depends on where you live and the risks and also on teh cat. If my cats never tried to escape I would probably opt for no collar.
Anyway, so glad that Miss Kitty is ok.
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Whew! Glad she's ok! I hate that sick feeling in your stomach when you think something is happening to them and you feel so helpless! Diddy hung herself on a belt hanger with her collar. Luckily, I was in the room at the time. Scared me to death, though. I'll bet you have some pretty eventful days with all of the kitties you have to care for!
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They sure can get into some situations huh? Glad it all worked out!
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Thanks everyone! Whew it made me nervous just reading some of the things your kitties have done. I know the sick feeling too well. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who has this kind of thing happen and that all of your kitties were fine.

None of my kitties wear collars because they are all indoors. This little one came in with one on and I really didnt think much of it. My mistake. It also seems it is a dog collar and not a break away or a safety collar. I tried my hardest to break it open and it didnt even budge! But like you all said at least I was home and she is okay! I can hear her hollaring downstairs, probably wants lunch. I better get on it.
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