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Eye irritation?

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I noticed that Meish has been squinting with her left eye the past day or two. Hub looked at it and there is a little pink on her lower lid (compared to the other that is grey). She doesn't pull away when we touch her eye and the white of her eye is slightly pink.

Her eyes aren't runny and she isn't sneezing. Could something have gotten in her eye? I'm going to call the vet in the am I was just wondering if the seasoned cat pros had any idea what it could be.
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Did the vet say anything? It could be irritation or an infection. My cat Spot had an abscess just above his eye, and the first sign was him squinting and his eyelid looking red and puffy. By the time I got him to the vet, he had a good sized infection (ended up taking two months of treatment, and a surgery to cure it) on his forehead. Hopefully it's just something simple for your kitty, like a speck of dirt.
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Sometimes my cat tenchi ends up with one eye being swollen and a bit runny.. When we had a different vet than we did now everytiem we'd go to find out what was wrong it'd be like $300. ..

Not that paying money to make sure your cat is in fine health is a bad thing, but imho Petsmart\\Banfield is a bit scammish and they do unneccesary work for something so small.

I will take a paper towel or soft cloth and put it under warm water and wring it out.. then gently wipe away the clear tears from Tenchi's eye. If anything changes- if the swelling gets worse or if there is discoloration or anything besides clear tears\\mucus coming from his eye I know immediately to go to the vet.. but usually ina few days the swelling goes down and he is fine again. We always monitor our cats very closely when something like this happens and the first or second time you tend to freak out about it.

Is it possible he bumped his head on something? Are there other cats that while playing may have accidentally scratched him? Is it possible he wanted attention at night while you were asleep and you accidentally poked him in the eye? I think i've done that when too groggy feeling for kittys head..

In any event always watch really close and if anything looks worse instead of healing better (When his eye heals it may scab over where it is pink and not grey a little that seems normal) definitely see the vet!
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When I woke up the next her eye wasn't swolen and pink. She has a little big of a scab on her lid where it was pink. She isn't itching it and the vet said if it wasn't bugging her not to stress her out by a trip to the vet.
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I would keep an eye on it. If it gets worse, call the vet again. It's possible it was a small abscess that started to drain, or it could have been a bug bite.
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