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scratching problem

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my kitty, austine (austy), has one ear that was damaged due to an aural hematoma, so it is folded down. she has been sctraching at it alot lately, and has caused a huge open sore just behind her ear. i have been trying to keep it clean with hyrdro peroxide and neosporin, but it seems to not changing at all. plus, as night, she just breaks the wound open again.

i am particular about her doctor. i have had a hard time finding a vet taht she and i both like and trust. she is 14, she will be 15 next week and she does not take kindly to strangers, hence my reluctance to take her to a vet.

does anyone have any suggestions for my poor baby?

kimberly and austine.
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The only time Merlin picked at his ear is when he had a torn eardrum and it hurt him a lot. It could be your cat is uncomfortable and might be in some pain. You really should consider getting a vet to check the ear again just to make sure something isn't wrong with it. As long as the inner ear is fine, then perhaps an e-collar would stop her being able to pick at the scab until it heals up?
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I know you love your baby so much, Kimberly, and want only what is best for her. It is for this reason that you're reluctant to take her to the Vet, but I would agree that it would really be in Austy's best interest for her to be examined by the Vet so she can be treated for any underlying problems as well as this sore being addressed. Please do keep us updated how your baby is feeling.
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thank you!
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