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*snifsnif* Ahhhh, I feel better now!

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Oky, it's wrong and bad and I know it.. but I went just over a month without giving all the cat mess areas a good scrub down (like the boxes and mats and giving the carpet a thorough vac'ing under where the mats go and the litterboxes are. I HAD replaced the litter once in between without washing out the boxes) also, we had a katty corner for a short stint, and we quickly decided it was a bad idea, as Molly managed to pee through the part of the box where the lid and bottom met.... and onto the wall.. I thought I had cleaned that wall really well, but recently.. it's been smelling pretty rank in the Smith household. Jason's dad came by for a visit unexpectedly this weekend while we were packing, and i was embarrassed, as I had commented that it was getting gross smelling the day prior (the boxes were cleaned out, but not dumped and washed, you know?) Finally, I got the time to a really goood job of it, with nigh on boiling water and a little bit of bleach (don't worry, I was sure to rinse well and dry thoroughly and make sure that there wasn't any bleach still ON the boxes.. ) I even took a little bleach and scrubbed out that wall really well with a sponge..

Let me tell you.. I feel much better now, as it doesn't smell in the least of cats in here-someting I've been paranoid about for the longest time... I'm so happy my apartent smells clean..But I admit I feel quite bad that it got to that state, though I suspect the reason it was o evident was because we don't use the perfumed litter.. we use world's best.. which is really good for odor control as long as yu remember to dump out the box regularly and of course give the areas a good wash...


Lots of love from the fresh and clean Smith Residence...
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I just don't know what I would do if I didn't scrub out the litterboxes every 2 to three days, I'm paranoid about 'cat stink'!
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It is a good feeling to have everything clean. Yay for you!
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