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This made me so sad-

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Chained feet, a muzzle and a heavy chain, padlock and a leash, what a shame for such a wonderful creature!

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This picture doesn't look real?
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Oh geez. I was actually scared to look too.
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Was this pic photoshopped?
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I don't know if it was photoshopped- a friend sent it to me via email. Hopefully it was photoshopped. I will say that the person who sent it to me is all thumbs when it comes to photoshop so she didn't alter it
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I have a friend who lives in Austrilia (SP) and her dad was almost killed by a roo. Imagine getting punched and kicked by one of those things. The attack happened 4 years ago and his knee caps were both shattered to the point where he can't walk. These are tough animals. Beautiful but not to be messed with.
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It looks photoshopped to me, too.
Very sad if it's not....
But very funny if it is!
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I just don't see the funny side of it at all?!

In Australia you definitly wouldn't see this so I guess it is safe to say it has been edited.
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As someone who is around computer geeks all the time, that looks altered to me. I wouldn't worry about it.
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Poor Joey!!
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Well if it is real.....then I would say, what is the point of having such a pet if you have to keep it chained up like that?
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The groceries definitely look faked into the pouch of the kangaroo and the pic is conveniently small. Then I saw the Worth 1000 logo in the corner. Rest assured. It is just a fake. Check out though. Sometimes I go there to check out their contests. They have hilariously altered photos. Other times they are disgustingly scary, like when they do gender alterations on celebrities. Some of those pros are too good at what they do.
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I hope your all right in saying it is a fake

I'm not a violent person but if that was real she'd be on her back by now!
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Well, fake or not, I think it's terrible!
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I guess I am just missing the severity of all of this...I think its completely obvious that it isn't a real picture. I'm not sure its even realistic enough to send a bad message (or is everyone joking? I am bad at reading the tone of a message board)

And even if in some remote small way it prompted someone to try to catch and bind one of these lovely creatures they would probably end up with enough injury to not try that again any time soon
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thats sad i hope this isn't true
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looks more like a prisner than a pet
that owner should be smacked
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It is obviously a fake. The photo image isn't bad , but if you look at it close up you can see the photosopping. Also a Kangaroo's pouch is full of mucous and would ruin any shopping in it.
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Oh, this is so sad, poor little guy! If this picture is Photoshopped, I feel it was in very bad taste, and fail to see any humor at all.
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not to my taste very unreal and couldnt be done the kangaroo would be fighting all the way
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that does look fake,
In australia kangaroos arent allowed to be kept as pets and definetely Not in a supermarket!
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