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ABC News segment

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On the ABC news site they have a small announcement that Bin Ladins location has been narrowed down. If this is true, should we blast him out of hiding, or send troops in to bring his body out, so we know that he is really dead?
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I was watching CNN Headline News earlier this evening. One of the things mentioned was that in the Muslim(sp) world, people are trained to step in as replacements for other people. They said that if bin Laden were to be killed, another person could easily step in to take his place.
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Good question, good answer. Personally, I think they should kill him...leave his body there...I certainly don't want them bringing him here!

Certainly if he was killed there will be another, but in the long run, he wants to be a martyr...I think the guy's going to be very tight with information and the dissemination of it. How do you think he's stayed aloof for so long? He probably trusts no one or maybe one or two...just my observation and thoughts.

With that, it's going to take quite a bit for some new chump to organize what he's had the monopoly on. I don't think he wants anyone to be able to follow him...Vein, self-centered, diseased minded creature that he is.

Oh and one more point that could be mentioned is that I'm not so sure half of those guys in the Taliban even know why they're doing something; much less know that they're going to die doing it. It's not like it's his own family out there...not his sons, or blood brothers he's putting out there on suicide missions.
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