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For those who wished me well and sent me vibes....

They worked!!

I was offered the position before the hour was up...we are still working out details (mostly $$ and location), but it's a go.


YAYAYAYAY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(and there's just the smallest rumor - barely a whisper - of taking this statewide...and then...and then...who knows????)

I called my father, and told him. He asked me why I didn't sound excited; I explained I was too tired to be excited right now...but I will be tomorrow.


Thanks, my friends.

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YAY!!! Way to go!
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AWESOME News!!!!

I have no doubt that you're going to make this BIG!!!

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Congrats Michele! We knew you could do it!
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Way to go Michele!!! I never had a doubt that they would offer you the position. They would have to idiots not to!
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Proud of and happy for you.
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Thanks, guys. Three margaritas later, I still am having a hard time realizing everything. This means a huge increase in $$, even with the preliminary numbers we played with today. Like, nearly 3 times the amount I'm making currently, and I'm not doing badly at all.

Oh my goodness gracious me. WHAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOO!

I walked back into my office afterwards, and Pam, a dear colleague, took one look at me and said "you did it. YOU DID IT!" I asked her how she knew, and she told me I was literally vibrating, that my energy was shooting about 10 feet away from me. My receptionist kept telling me to "breathe, have to breathe..."

It is so very amazing to work where I work, and with whom I work. I've never been in an environment that is so supportive and encouraging and joyous in others' successes.


And even better than all that? One new licensee who I've had difficulty motivating and channeling directly called me and told me she's writing an offer tomorrow, for the first time. What better compliment then that?

Oh man, my cup runneth over. I'm on cloud's gonna take a while to come down to cloud nine.

Thanks for all the support and notes and encouragement...I just can't believe this.

Hugs to everyone!

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YAY! Michele I am SO happy for you! You're so brilliant!
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We knew you could do it, Michele! That is just so awesome, and I'm so pleased for you!! Congratulations!
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Yippee!Congratulations, Michele!
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Great news!
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I did not see your previous post until now. Congrats!!! What a wonderful thing to work on something you are excited about!!
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What great news! It did sound like it was made for you, and you proved it was! Good luckwith it - not htat you need much as you have it all inside yourself.
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Oh Michelle....I'm so happy for you! I love good news!!
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Congratulations! We are all very happy for you.
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Wonderful, you go girl!! :-)
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Wow! Great news! I missed the original thread entirely, but I'm so, so happy for you!

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Conga-rats Michelle! So are you gonna take us all out to lunch now?
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Originally Posted by pinkdaisy226
YAY!!! Way to go!
I`m happy for your Noni!!!
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