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Switching litter brands, any help from 6 + cat owners

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HI, well today I decided to go from Tidy cats non clumping to clumping at litter. I will buy my fist bucket(s) full this month. I have 8 cats and 3 litter boxes and soon to get anouther box.

Ok should I get more than four litter boxes?
What litter you use and how many cat boxes do you have for the amount of cats.
How much cat litter do you use each week or two weeks?

I know I didnt like Tidy cats clumping when I had only 2 cats because it wasnt good for oder and my room stunk bad even after i cleaned it that.
We have a PetsMart in the next town so I can travel to get a brand from them, but it has to be in a bulk container, More than 20lbs.

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I have 3 cats and I went from 3 boxes, one per kitty, to 4 boxes. I really like having 4 boxes. I would think 3 or 4 boxes for 8 kitties would be a lot of work, especially if they go as much as my kitties My understanding is one box per cat and one extra is best, that's why I went to 4, that's 9 for you. I'm not an expert and there are many on this site who have lots of cats and can give expert advice. I do know that I would have to scoop several times a day if I had less than 3 boxes for my 3 cats. I buy clumping litter, Precious Cat, being my favorite as it clumps very, very well, is almost totally dust free and has good oder control, but everyone seems to have their favorites, what works best for them and what works for the budget. I put about 3 to 4 inches of litter in the box and do my best to scoop every day and then adding litter to maintain that level of litter. It works well for us and so far, we've not had any accidents.
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I have two cats and two big boxes.. the jumbo size and one medium box... I use tidy cats clumping crystal blend ... use 28lbs every two weeks .. I have a crf kitty who goes like two or three... I scoop one to three times per day and fill as needed ... one cat like four plus inches of litter other one doesnt care
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You have 8 cats and 3 boxes? That is not near enough for them. You should at least have a total of 8 and one extra. They don't have to be all in the same room, but you should at least have one box per cat
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I will be buying two more real soon, Im gonna try and do 10 litter boxes.

IM doing a make shift litter boxes later. cat linners in boxes or plastic tubes. TAHt worked out great until my dog chewed it.

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I believe its 1 litter box per cat plus one extra. I have a box with the regular clay litter, one with clumping and I just bought at Petsmart "Paw-purr(sp??) its a paper based litter that so far working good. My litter boxes are in the basement and to regulate the mess from the litter they toss around I when to fabric store and bought a couple of yards of the material that is plastic/rubbery on top -you would use it to cover a picnic table. I duct taped this to the floor and went up the wall about 9 inches. Its inexpensive, cleans up nicely and saves me from scrubbing the floor.
One of my co-workers bought one of the boxes that you can by to hold stuff in under your bed-its was cheaper than a litter box. (just a thought)
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I think i have tried every litter on the market for my four cats. I have now switched to fresh step with crystals, it clumps well and is alot less dusty than some of the other clumping brands,as for your litter boxes the more the better ,and the cleaner the better ,cats love a clean litter box.This will also keep them for looking for alternative places to do their business.
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I have 2 cats and 2 litter boxes. My 6 month old kitten will use either box. My 2.5 year old cat prefers the non-hooded litter box but will use the hooded one to urinate.
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I have four cats and four 31 quart Rubbermaid storage containers. I use about 20 pounds of litter per box - Tidy Cats Scoopable with Crystal (I'm a huge fan of this litter!). I think I'll be able to stretch changing time to 6 weeks with no problems from my boys. I'm planning on rotating the litter so that one is always fresh, and the other three are used.

I wish I could find a picture of what they use at the shelter. Imagine a very narrow, but very tall bookcase that's laid on it's side, with wheels underneath. In each of the "shelving areas" there's a medium sized litterbox that slides in perfectly. That way the cat is surrounded on top, bottom, and both sides, but the entrance is large enough for people to access easily. And this way the litterboxes can be kept within inches of each other, but because the cats can't see each other, there can be five cats (that's how many spaces there are) going to the bathroom at the same time with no problems. The bookcases/storage thingies are plywood coated with some sort of laminent, so no scents can permanently sink in. They're space efficent, easy to clean, and the cats seem to like them. (And to keep the cats from tracking the scoopable litter, they use strips of plastic canvas that are the same size as the bottom of the shelf. It's cheap and works wonderfully.)
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