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New Kitten's Sanctuary Room

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Hi everyone!
I am *hopefully* bringing home a new kitten soon and am trying to figure out which use to use as a sanctuary room (to keep the 2 cats separated for the first few weeks). Here is a look at my apartment's floor plan. http://www.aimco.com/aptsearch/Floor...039112.f01.gif (it's the 1BR) I am thinking of either making the bathroom (it is large for a kitten and has a carpeted floor) or the closet (it is HUGE and carpeted) the sanctuary room, but neither has a window! I'd like the kitten to have a small-ish, comfortable room (and I don't want to make Eponine feel put out; she'll need to know that she is always alpha cat), but I just don't know. What type of room is best for a new kitten's sanctuary room? I really appreciate any advice y'all can give me.
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Anybody? Anybody?
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Hi there,

I'm not sure what's best, but I too brought home another kitten to a one bedroom apartment. I ended up keeping him in my bathroom for a week. He had everything that he needed (bed, food, water, litter box, toys). And he had been in a cage at the SPCA until then, so I figured that the bathroom was definitely an upgrade.

My bathroom looks to be the same as yours. My resident cat Koa was so used to having the whole place to himself that I didn't want to take a huge chunk away from him.

I only had to keep my new kitty in there for a week. Koa was too curious and they had constanty been sniffing at each other under the door. The introduction went well and now Milo (new kitty) is the alpha cat. Ironic?

Let me know if you have any more questions. I'd be happy to tell you more about my experience. Good luck!!!

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Amy i kept Sophie in the bathroom when i was at work for the first 2 weeks while her and Rosie were bonding and she was fine there.

It would be great if the kitten had a window to look out of though, what about the kitchen or the livingroom?
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I've been thinking about it.. and since people spend more time inthier potty than their closet, that would be preferable.. plus, less chance of coming home to all your clothes yanked off the hangers.
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Originally Posted by turtlecat
plus, less chance of coming home to all your clothes yanked off the hangers.
LOL, that's what my boyfriend says!
Thanks for the great advice and stories y'all I really appreciate everyone sharing this with me!
I'm definitely going with the bathroom. And whenever I'm home and awake, I will shut the doors to my bedroom and let little kitten have both the bedroom and bathroom to explore (plus windows to look out!) But when I'm gone for work, I'm going to keep kitten in the bathroom only so that Eponine will not get too upset about losing a chunk of the apartment.
Susan, I'll probably need to keep my girls separated for 2 weeks, like you did with yours. Eponine is SUCH a loner cat that I know she will take a lot of loving and coaxing to accept a new kitten.
Anywho, enough rambling. Thanks again for your advice y'all!!!
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A new kitten - how exciting. Is she going to have another Les Mis name?
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Congratulations on your new addition to your family!Eponine will be a wonderful big sister! Sounds as if you've made the best decision about your choice of rooms, and good for you for thinking ahead like this! Looking forward to meeting your new baby as soon as she/he arrives!
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Amy when you bring the new arrival home don't be scared if Epi doesn't like her straight away because Rosie was a loner like Epi and she hated Sophie during the first two weeks if she caught a glance of her.

I always made sure that i went and spent some time with Rosie every hour just by sitting and talking to her and giving her scritches just so she knew she was still loved
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Oops, I dropped the ball in keeping up with this thread Thanks for the props and words of advice y'all
As far as your Q Jan, I don't know if I'll give the new kitty another Les Mis name or not- though that certainly is a thought!
And Susan, thank you for the warning based on Rosie and Sophie. I only hope that eventually my crew will get along as well as your sweet babies do!!!
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We kept Bijou and Mika separated for 1 month when we weren't home. We would let them out together sooner than that but only if we were there to supervise.
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