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It's a bit early...

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Barb's birthday is coming up soon and I had to get her something special. If you would like to see what I came up with check out the following ....http://www.eatel.net/~meme/B-Day.html

Special things for a special lady...Love You Hon.
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Wayne that's so special! I love your art! It's so relaxing. I am very fond of KiKat's potrait, however; I am partial to the one of all the kitty's near the cottage. I was wondering if that were Tic and Tac and KiKat??? Or is that my own wishful thinking! :laughing2!

Love you guys!
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Honey I love it!! A special gift from a special man!!

Anyone interested... I have posted some more pages on Wayne's art. The links are just below Kiki drawing. Page 3 is really nice as it is flowers and wildflowers!! I am using some of the wildflowers to make borders and stationary.

Catarina....yes those cats repersent Tic in the front, Kiki to the back next to Tac...grin
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Ahhhhhh...my wishful thinking is not far off at all! :laughing2

One day you guys...soon!

Love & Hugs,


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Catarina.... BTW, the large drawing that Wayne did of the covered bridge has a special meaning also. That bridge is located just down the road from his house and each time we cross it of course we have to stop for a kiss. We call it "our" bridge!

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Originally posted by Meme
We call it "our" bridge!

Meme [/b]


Love & Hugs...
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You are very talented. I love all of your drawings. The cat is beautiful and the covered bridge is especially nice. I like the flowers and your big trucks and Corvette are almost like a photo.
I don't know you but do you paint as a hobby or is it your work? I am lucky to be able to color with crayons in a child's coloring book. No artists in my family. That is a great gift for Barb.
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Happy Birthday early Barb And Wayne, you are so talented and so romantic.....why couldn't we all be as lucky as Barb to find a man who is as sweet as you! (and she is equally as sweet) You make a lovely pair, and I am so happy for you! Although a bit jealous...:LOL:
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I do thank all you folks for your kind comments. Barb did a beautiful job of setting these pages up. Thank you Hon.

I've been dawing and sketching on and off all my life..unfortunately I've never had any luck at making any money from it. the Art community tends to be a bit eletist..if you have not attended some Art School in Europe or don't have "connections" forget it. There are many artists and craftspeople around who have grown tired of giving their work away or being insulted at the flea markets,etc. Not long ago I spent several days doing a detailed drawing of a Peterbilt truck for a local Owner/Operator. This puppy took me about 60 hours...it was about 2 x 3 ft in size and done in a line drawing style.
First,his wife..who had "ordered" the drawing..bitched because I expected to be paid $50 for my time. A few days later I stopped by and found it in the garage...he had given it to his 6 yr old to colour with crayons. Need I say how it looked.

I wasn't very sweet THAT day...
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Oh my gosh that's horrible! I would have been really mad after all the time you put into it. Some people..
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OMG! I would've fainted. Considering how long it takes to perfect a drawing/painting....rrrrrrrrrrr....I really think that was in very, very poor taste!

So sorry you had to deal with that Wayne

Love & Hugs,
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