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Happy Birthday Kittylove!

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Dearest Princess KittyLove!!!!

I haven't seen you on the site, but if you happen to come by...my warmest wishes and big hugs are sent to one of the most cutest little ladies I know!!! Happy Birthday my sweet!!! Love to Mum and all...Felix hugs, Peaches & Chestnut too!

Twelve big hugs and kisses!!!! I do believe, if my memory serves me correctly.

Love & Big Kitty Hugs,
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Aww thank you Michell and Catarina, Jenna had a lovely day , but I'll let Jenna tell you all about it

I can't believe you are now 12 jen, your almost a teenager Well I know it was your birthday yesterday, but heres an extra present sweetheart

lots of love mum
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I hope you had a great Birthday KittyLove!!!!!!!!! *HUGS*
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Happy Birthday Kittylove!!!!!!!!!

:baloon: :rainbow:
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Happy Birthday, Kitty Love!

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HAppy Birthday and many more!!!!
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Thank-you eveyone, you're pictures are so nice and thank-you for your Happy Birthday wishes.

I had a great day, but i had to go to school on MY BIRTHDAY

I had a tea party, after that we watched 102 Dalamations and it was really funny.
At the weekned i went to see a flim called Atlantis and then McDonolds.

Sorry i haven't been here for a while, but i am back now .
It is great to be back and my mum says that too.

Love From Jenna and Felix
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