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Hello Cat Catters !!!!!!!!!!!!!! My name is Lona and I am brand spanking new to this so I hope I am doing this right !
I LOVEEEEEEE CATS . They are the the greatest . I have a great big black cat named Diablo and a brand new just got him today Kitten .... I have no name for him yet..... I mean I just got him a few hours ago . I have been anticipating his arrival and danced around thinking about him comming and when he got here I am sad to say I could just cry .... The girl I got him from didnt tell me that he was having major complications but he is and right at this moment I am about to take this baby to the vet and get him checked ..... soo Pittiful . Thats okay I am gonna get him fixed all up and lovem to death ! I will let you know what happened when I get back ....OOOO I hope rambling is allowed on the board ! I have a tendency to do that but anyhow . I am 31 years of youngness and I just love cats I rescue them and find homes for them and I am slowing down on that to spoil my new addition and I hope this critter is okay . Well I will stop here just wanted to say HIIIIIIIII and post on the day I got my new baby ..... could someone please suggest a name I am soooo out of names that the last batch of rescued cats that came through here were named ... HEY stop that and uh psssssssssss ! LOL Anyways looking foward to hearing about all your babies tooo !
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I hope you visit often...we always love to meet new cat people!
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Lona just lost her new little addition. My thoughts are with her - She posted about this under 'Vet Distaster'.
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