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So good to read your last post - I couldn't be happier for Snickers that he's feeling well and acting normally, and for you that you've got your boy back!

There's got to be a good food out there for Snicky. I hope they didn't give you dry food for him - dry food is unfortunately suspected of contributing to urinary problems.
You want him on high quality food that doesn't contain by-products or artificial colors or preservatives. Pat & Alix has a good link to a comparison of lots of brands, but I don't know if it gives pH information.

Your boy is so handsome - he looks like my Louie with long hair. Congratulations on your little guy doing so well!
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Originally Posted by darkeyedgirl
Hi guys, The bill came to $1,000... lower than I thought. I did not dispute anything "yet". I have the bill, and it is broken down: Dr. Hungler and Dr. Wilson. It's itemized, so I can go through and check off the things I shouldn't have to pay for. I'm hoping I can go in there next week (once I am certain Snickers is "out of the woods") and show them what I think I should have been charged for. Maybe they can reverse some of the charges, or credit me or something? or even just give me a major discount for the next time I come in. Just glancing, it looks like Dr. Hungler's damage came to around $100 extra that I was charged for and should not have. Anyhoo I'm just so darned thankful to have Snicky back I would have paid double.
i know how you feel! i took Mouse to FOUR different vets before finding a 'cat' vet who really wanted to help her! i ended up spending about $1500 on her, & she still didn't make it i'm still planning to write to the 2nd vet & complain - he's basically a 'horse' vet, but didn't bother to tell me that, or refer me to the final vet, who was a classmate of his!
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I just got caught up and I am so happy to hear about Snickers recovery!!! I am just so thrilled for the both of you.
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Sooo happy Snickers is ok!! Hey, he's still got 8 lives left!!!
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