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Visitor at my bird feeder

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I was just outside at the bird feeder that hub filled last night. I have the most adorable little visitor!! A tiny little white mouse! I took a few pictures of him and a 30 sec video with my camera. He was really calm too. I tried to shoo him away with a stick. I didn't poke him hard, I just tapped his rump... I wasn't about to use my finger lol but he didn't even bite at the stick. Then he ran off onto my patio and sat on my slipper (that was on my foot none the less). Awww.

I had pet mice when I was in high school. Made me miss them.
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Awwwwww i figured is a lovely bird!!!
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LOL. No this time of year we just have cardnial, titmouse and chickadee
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Aw how cute... I dunno if I would've thought it were that cute in person... but glad you liked it!
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That sounds like maybe he is an escaped pet. I have never seen a white mouse out in the wild, or a wild mouse that was tame enough to sit on your slipper. I don't want them running loose in my house, but I think pet mice are adorable. I had pet ones in school. One of them would stay in my shirt pocket through a whole school day.
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What a sweet little surprise! How nice for you.
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He was adorable. I love mice lol. I'll post pics when I get on the other computer. I'm too lazy to do so right now
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Oh I would have screamed down the place! Can't wait to see pics tho!
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What a sweet little mouse, Beth! That's really special! Sure am looking forward to your pictures!
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I agree - sounds like someone's pet got out.
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aww too cute
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I would put food out for him and capture him. I have not ever seen a white mouse in the wild either-someone's pet or lab experiment that escaped
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Do I keep him after I catch him?

And he made a pig of himself at the feeder today lol
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I'd keep him or ask around, perhaps some kid took him to show and tell and lost him along the way?
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Originally Posted by hissy
I'd keep him or ask around, perhaps some kid took him to show and tell and lost him along the way?
I'll post some signs around the housing area.

David and I were actually talking about getting a pet rat the other day. Maybe he'll be happy with a small mouse? I know Meish will love to watch it. I'll have to find a safe place for the little guy.
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Oooh how exciting for you Beth! Still waiting to see pics. *twiddles thumbs*
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Okay I'm feeling really guilty now. I saw the mouse outside but I don't have anything to put it in. I was fine when I thought it was a little wild mouse but now thinking that it could be someones pet I'm all upset. I just put some bread out for him and stood outside for a little watching him run around. My neighbor said she saw it last night running around outside. WIll it be okay another night until I can get to the store for a little plastic pet carrier for it? I don't really want a pet mouse but I'll keep it if no one around here claims it. I'm just beating myself up over a mouse. What should I do?
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kay. I talked to my neighbor and she put him in a small rubbish bin with some food, water and kleenex to tear into a little bed. We're putting up fliers tomorrow and hopefully finding him a home.

My friend is taking him overnight since she just has a dog that won't want to make a snack out of the mouse.

He's soooo cute and timid. Let us pick him right up.
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I would also have to guess that someone's pet got away.

Maybe you can lure him with peanut butter into a trap. I have mouse traps that are just like the have-a-heart animal traps. This way the mouse can be released into a field away from the house...or in your case into a cage in your house!

Good luck!
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He's staying at my neighbors now. We're going to ask around tomorrow. I hope we find him a place. Neither of us want a pet mouse (me because of the cat lol and her cause... she doesn't want a mouse I guess). Liz said that if no one claims him we'll take it to a pet store. But he is warm and safe for the night.
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Hopefully, his owner will show up.
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Here is Mr. Mouser. He is at my neighbors now. I have signs up around the block about him.
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There is no way that is a wild mouse - he would have been eaten long ago, standing out that way. Someone must have lost him - how far do mice travel?
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