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small glitch???

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Since yesterday when I click onto the main forums page the time of the last post and the name of the last person to reply is wrong, but when I go into a forum like the lounge the times and last poster are ok Like if the actual last post was today at 10:00 AM with one poster's name, the front page states it as 11:00 PM with a different poster's name.
It's not a major thing, just weird...anyone else notice this?
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Hmm, I haven't noticed that, and when I just checked, everything was fine.
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Thanks for checking it out Deb!
Maybe it's something on my end, it hasn't happened again since this afternoon. Sometimes this computer gets a bit weird!
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I ran into a similar problem on the IMO forum today. In the list of threads, the last post was made a little before 6:30 a.m., and two pages were listed for the Lebanon thread. When I checked out the thread, the last post wasn't shown, but three pages were listed. When I clicked "3", page 2 was shown. The problem was solved after somebody else kindly posted, but it was rather strange.
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