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Caring for a newly-spayed cat

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Tomorrow we are bringing home our new "baby", Emma Bella, a 10 month old DSH/Persian/Tuxedo kitty who will be a companion for our 3 yr old DSH/tuxedo Oliver Raphael. We believe in formal names for formal kitties!

Anyways, Emma was just spayed yesterday at the shelter from which we are adopting her, and I wanted to get some tips/advice on caring for a newly spayed cat, which I've never done before. Oliver was back to normal in no time after neutering--which I know is not the case for female cats after a spay since it is a much more involved procedure.

She was stitched w/ the liquid "glue" stitches that are all the rage now in human and vetrinary medicine. We know to try to keep her calm and from jumping up on things (which should be interesting since, well, she's a cat) and we're keeping her separated from Oliver until we're sure she's feeling 100 percent.

Anyone with any expertise on post-op care for spayed kitties, share your wisdom with me!!! Thanks
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Congratulations on your new kitty!.

I think your going to do everything thats needed really?!. I was told to keep mine in a warm quiet room which i kept them in the livingroom along with a litter tray, some special nursing food that the vet gave me and their water.

Obviously when i brought them back they were wobbly but they were fine the following day.

Were all here if you need any help
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Yes, keep Emma Bella in a quiet room with her own littebox, food and water until she is strong and alert. Give her the necessary medicines too.
You will also need to work on introducing her to Oliver Raphael and her new surroundings. Good luck!
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Mine were both 'done' before I got them, but my old cat Winnie had the op while she was with us. I remember her being very sleepy; all she wanted was a secure corner where she could sleep undisturbed, and so that's what she got. We kept an eye on her of course, and gave her cuddles when she wanted but she really just slept for about 12 hours, then got up, ate, used the litterbox, and was back to normal again. I think it's easier for them to recover form the op if they are young like yours, so you should hopefully have no problems.

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After getting Jameson neutered, and Bast spayed, I ran into something that I hadn't heard yet on the board, so I'll share.

They didn't want to sleep alone.

I know, I know, sounds weird, doesn't it? But they were quite vocal about not wanting to be alone the first night, so I put a sleeping bag down on the floor so they could sleep with me. Thankfully, Jameson wans't jealous of Bast when she got back the first night, so he let me sleep in the room Bast was in. Other than that, if your Emma's a rough and tumble girl, might want to keep her away from Oliver for a day or two after the surgery. My little girl's a spitfire and then some...
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Thanks all!
She was spayed yesterday, so hopefully she won't be too cranky/groggy today. She's going to stay in our guest room for a few days until we're sure she's feeling 100%--our Oliver is a big boy (12 lbs) and she's only about 6 lbs, so we wouldn't want him beating her up when she's not feeling well!
We're going to take it slow with the introductions, having read the articles on the site about it.
Oh, and my husband's going to sleep in the guest room w/her tonight, I'll sleep in our bed with Oliver--that way no one will be lonely!
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First, congratulations on your new addition, and THANK YOU for adopting Emma Bella (pretty name!) from the shelter!

You're obviously a concerned, caring mom, and I don't doubt that Emma Bella will recuperate quite well with all the loving attention she'll get. The only thing I would add to the suggestions you've gotten is to make sure the vet gives you pain meds for her. For years, vets didn't give pain meds to be administered at home! But the reality is that spaying is major surgery (imagine the equivalent surgery for a woman!) and as such warrants at least a day or two of pain meds. Vets have recently come around to prescribing pain meds for post-spay recovery(what took them so long?) so if yours doesn't give you any, please request them.

Sounds like you have a good plan in place to keep the kitties happy tonight. Hope Oliver and his new sister will become the best of friends soon!
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Also if you can where you are keeping her be sure there are no places she can jump on to and hurt herself. For some strange reason even after surgery, cats try and jump on counters and beds etc...She needs to stay quiet and fairly inactive for at least 24 hours if not longer-
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