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Cats are up all night.

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i have about a 5 month old kitten and a 2 1/2 year old cat. it seems that whenever i am about ready to fall asleep my kitten gets up and starts running around my bedroom. he makes a lot of noise and just jumps on everything because he wants to play. he usually gets my older cat to join him. they have to sleep in my bedroom because my roommate is allergic to them. i have given them catnip during the day to get them to use their energy. getting woken up at 4 in the morning gets really old. does anyone know of anything i can give them to make them calm and relaxed?
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Cats are naturally nocturnal animals. My little buddy keeps me up at night with his constant meow-meow-meowing. So you are not alone. Play with them just before you go to bed. Hopefully that will tire them out.
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I always keep them active, especially Sophie for at least an hour before bedtime and i find that it works for me.

Do you have a cat dancer?. Stephanie(Dawnofsierra) bought them one for christmas and they love it!. Everytime Sophie jumps after it i'll think to myself " you'll sleep tonight ok!"
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it'll get easier, as hard as they might sound try not to give into their demands for attention.

the 5month old will get less rambuntious as he/she grows and will stop being such a bad influence on your other cat!

but for now, like the others said play, play,play and hour before bed and feed them wet food as thats supposed to make them sleepier.
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