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Yeah!!! Misery prevented!!

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There was an awful plan to poison all alley cats in one of Israel's northern towns due to a few cases of rabies detected in wildlife population around the town.

The Cat Welfare Society of Israel acted promptly and now not only is the poisoning cancelled - they're going to TNR and vaccinate all of the cats instead!!

Read this email from the head of the CWSI -

We wish to thank each and every one of you who supported us in our struggle to save the cats of Katzrin and offered their help. We sincerely thank those of you who sent us words of encouragement, signed our petition and sent emails to influential people. We thank all of you who sent us donations and those who assisted us in the field. A HUGE THANK YOU TO YOU ALL.

Together with your help we have altered the fate of the cats. Instead of a cruel death they have been offered a chance to live and to receive proper attention – as should have been the case from the very beginning. THANK YOU!

The Veterinarian Service Department and the City Counsel in Katzrin announced that there will be no use of any poison against cats in Katzrin and withdrew their intentions to use poison, as was previously expressed in their first announcement to the public and to the media. This decision came as a result of the petition that was served by the Cat Welfare Society of Israel at the Magistrates Court of Nazareth against the Katzrin City Council following the discovery of a rabid dog in the area. Instead of mass poisoning, the authorities will engage in steady activities of vaccinating and neutering/spaying of all cats in Katzrin.

We would like to express our gratitude to Mr. Sami Bar-Lev, Mayor of Katzrin and Mr. Shmuel Naftali, the manager in charge of the city local services at the security department, for their full cooperation, which will benefit both Katzrin residents and Katzrin cats, in handling this matter in the most efficient and humane way. Every cat vaccinated against rabies is of extreme importance in the struggle to prevent the spreading of this epidemic disease. They play a significant ecological role as a barrier between the human population and snakes and other harmful rodents.

We urge all enlightened local city authorities in Israel to join Katzrin and other authorities that are already engaged in spaying and vaccinating to do so as soon as possible!

The Cat Welfare Society of Israel will assist any private or public organization, which will join this massive and effective method of operation, with any advice, information or any other material pertaining to this challenge of coping with owner-less cats.

Revital Verskain, Manager,

The Cat Welfare Society of Israel

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Rivi rocks!!! That woman is a champion for all the stray cats in Israel!
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Oh, this is so wonderful!
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What wonderful news!
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Great news!!!
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Wow! That's fantastic!
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Wow This is Awsome!
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Very nice. It is amazing what a little education and persistance can accomplish, not to mention hard working people who just do not give up!
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That's just Wonderful!
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Wow, great news.
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Oh, great news indeed!
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