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streams of consciousness

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this is a thread for random thoughts about anything and everything,
if you want to swoon, vent, ramble about your day, write poetry or talk nonsense that no one else
will understand but yourself, go ahead, whatever is in your mind and wants out !

i'll be back later with my random thoughts, i wish i could stay and ramble all day,
but, alas, i am a working girl now :tounge2:
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driving home from work i felt a moon rise in my heart and i felt freed.

i dont know if the feeling relates to my recent loss of love, or my own struggles with
everyday insecurities, doubts, fears and fatigue - but i felt alive, even after 8 1/2 hours
of work and a long day.

this hasnt happened since i can recall.

there is poetry rushing through me again, and inspiration floods me.
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What an interesting idea. I don't have a poetic thought and if you doubt that, you can check out my 'poems' in paws and reflect. I can say that as each day passes and I become older, I appreciate all the trouble my parents took in raising me and telling me 'no' when I needed it. I am missing them today, and I am missing my son who died so long ago. I am appreciative for my hubby and my son Rog and for all my fur children. I think a lot about the unfortunate animals in the world and wish I could help them better. I keep telling myself one at a time, but there are so many. I felt agony over Hissy's post a few days ago about Frosty who suffered a terrible life - found a human who loved him and then died. Where is the justice in that for him? I am feeling sorry for me too today as the shots that I take for my MS make me sick all weekend and then I feel useless around here.
Oh well......sad Sunday evening ramblings. Sunday sems to be a reflective time for me. BUT!! I am blessed in life for the things I have.
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Debra. I am so sorry for your MS>

Your situation is more serious than mine, but I can relate to physical problems.

I have Fibromyalgia, which some days makes me feel like I was hit by a truck. Several times. And then hit by lightning. And then eaten by ants. But only after the rocket dropped from the sky and used me as a landing pad :LOL: :LOL:

I sympathize with your illness as much as I can. I hope the MS has not advanced too much as of yet, and does not get worse.
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Thanks Val - I will be OK - I am too mean to kick off too early!:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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Noisy noisy new neighbors

They don't disturb the peace
but they disturb my peace
and my peace of mind

Quiet by sundown but
in and out
and loud tv
and yelling to each other outside all day

Driving up in their car with the radio blaring
the bass thump thumping from blocks away

Where is the music in that?
Just noise
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I'm sitting here
Watching lights flowing by in the dark
Down the highway.

Mostly red and amber..an occasional blue or green.
Headlights briefly split the night.
Rushing hard to destinations
Leaving family behind
Hurrying to make a deadline..and for what?

Spending hours or days or weeks
Alone but for a radio.
A brief call home...missed another birthday or whatever.
Back on the road again.
Tomorrow I re-join them...SIGH

On my right sits my computer
My link to my friends and my LOVE.
My cat comes in and purrs at me
Much better I stay here.
Too bad it doesn't pay.
Working on that tho.
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It's after midnight and here I sit
Clacking away on the keyboard to nowhere.
Tonya sleeps on the chair to my right
(A little curled-up friend who loves me) —
Michaela curled up in sleep on the floor behind me
And Billy asleep in the living room, atop the couch.

All's quiet this time of week:
The traffic is light,
The noise is low,
The streetlights beam amber through the fog;
And nobody knows I'm up here on duty.
All is still, even my little flag outside the window.

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tom waits on my stereo sends me to another place, a dream i walk through.

i am whistling through the streets today, curving the corners of rage and the hard shoulders
of everyones bad mood.

what the hell am i doing with stars in my shoes, i am flying past innane disasters.
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