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My Baby Boo is missing!

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My littlest cat Boo seems to have gotten out! part of our tub broke in the bathroom, it seems she crawled inside and found a way under our trailer, we went around outside and found a opening the siding and tiny footprints leading out in the snow, sadly there are TONS of tracks out there and we lost them

I miss my baby so much.

Any ideas?
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How old is this cat?
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Originally Posted by hissy
How old is this cat?
2 but she's very small, like the runt of the litter.
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Well she is probably close and scared. The website link I left will give you ideas of what to do as well as point you in the direction of other websites that will help as well
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Thank you Hissy
I put some used litter outside each door in hopes she can smell her way back.
Its cold out there I hope someone maybe took her in, we're putting up posters tommorow.

thanks again.
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You're welcome and good luck. Been there to many times to count waiting for my cats to return. Hope Boo stays safe till she returns-
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Such a freak accident! I am so sorry that you are going through this. The used cat litter was a good idea. You are probably right, someone will take her in from the cold. Meanwhile, I'll keep Boo & you in my thoughts & prayers! Susan
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I'm so sorry your precious little Boo is missing! You must be so very upset. I'm praying for her safe, prompt return home, please keep us updated.
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I am praying that Boo turns up safe and sound! Please let us know when she comes home!
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she is 2 1/2 years old
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Still nothing, followed some tracks to another trailer, knocked but got no answer, hopefuly these people took her in and she is safe and warm.
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Keeping my fingers crossed that she returns home safely.
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Well, we've had 2 cats come to the door, neither of them boo, but the cat litter seems to be attracting them!

fingers crossed.
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Well cats colonize so Boo may not be far away- If you have $60.00 you can contact Carl Washington Pet Detective and he will send you a detailed map of your area highlighting the possible hiding places Boo might be-
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Semi good news:

Woke up this morning, fonr 2 tiny piles of puke on the steps and little tracks, she's come to the door, but we must have been asleep, now my wife is upset she didn't stay up all night, but I told her we have to sleep, hopefully she'll be home soon.
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Any more news. Sending more come home vibes.
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try goin out to look at 2am. when Maverick was missing thats when i had the best luck spotting her
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Any news today?
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Hugs!!! Hurry home BOO!
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Oh I hope Boo comes home soon!
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Thanks to Hissy and all the rest for your advice and prayers!
I put some tuna in the living room, and opened the back door and hid behind it, for 3 and a half hours, had to chase out a stray, but at about 3:15am Boo walked in and made a b line for the tuna, I shut the door behind her and now shes home safe, glad I'm used to long survillences from work or this would have been tough.

Thanks again!
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Yeah! Welcome home Boo!
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I merged your threads. Please get Boo to the vet in the next few days to be checked out. I am glad Boo came home!
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Welcome home Boo! I am so glad she is safe.
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Oh that's great news, I bet your releived
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Thnak again all. Here is Boo, happy to be sleeping at home instead of UNDER home.
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Oh, Boo, you're so beautiful!I'm just so happy you're home safe and sound!
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the worst thing is she doesnt look in the least bit sorry! glad shes home safe
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