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Cat has bloody fur

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I adopted a cat from the local shelter in December. When we got him home we noticed he has a large overbite. He is also abnormally large and disproportionate. His markings are not symmetrical and he seems to have bad eyesight. Dispite all this he is a great guy.

The one thing I'm worried about is that he has a hard time cleaning himself due to his funny shaped mouth and the fact that he is not only as large as a small dog but fat too. Sometimes there are patches of his fur that are matted and bloody. I've checked and the blood is just on the fur not down to the skin. I've looked at his mouth but it doesn't seem bloody. I can't figure out if it's his tounge or teeth or what that is causing the blood. Has anyone had a similar problem? He doesn't seem hurt but it worries me.
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Take your cat to the vet and have him check out. Have a full check up done to make sure he in his full health and not ill.
Pretty much cats can hide their pain very well, from what I have seen in some posts and articles about cats.

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I have seen cats with ulcer type things in their mouths that bleed. Maybe it's that? Can you open his mouth and take a peek? Look as far back as possible.
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is thier little dark bits like sand in with the bloody fur if thier is it might be fleas, but I would take him to the vets also put him on a diet as being fat makes it hard for a cat to clean it self
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