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I would take serious issue with anyone that required I declaw a cat. I would probably do some serious research into regional laws and try to get that clause deleted from ALL leases since I think it is inhumane and cruel.

The other option would be to ask the landlord if he/she would mind having his/her fingers chopped off at the first knuckle! Perhaps they might change their minds.
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im lucky because the owner of this place loves cats, her son lives on the first floor and has a cat so it was perfect for us to have a cat
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I'd talk to your landlord. Some landlords require it others don't. Mine didn't care b/c I'm not in a furnished apartment. But Limerick's scratching isn't a problem anyway, so I didn't declaw him. If you provide scratching posts, I don't see a problem.
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i think the reason they want declawing is to cut down on repairs... if you have a really ambitious kitty, he/she could cause damage greater that the deposit! that said, as long as you pay for any damages the cat does, they shouldn't care where it came from - claws or otherwise!
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I think if landlords allow their tenants to have pets, they should not make it policy to be "in charge" of making medical or care decisions about your animal. No one should be told you must declaw or spay your cat in order to live somewhere. To me, these procedures are completely personal and no one else has the right make that decision for my animal. I am having my 6-month old cat spayed next week, but only because I made the decision to have it done.
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Neither of the apartments where I previously lived required cats to be declawed...just the usual outrageous pet deposits.
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Its not me, its my husband. He said he is going to talk to the leasing office and make an offer: let him have Gizmo & Scooter w/o declawing and he will pay for the carpet if it is damaged. Gizmo & Scooter have NEVER used our furniture, walls, or carpets.
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The apartment I live are pet friendly and they didn't even ask about them being nuetered or spayed or about their claws either.....
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I was renting a duplex and had 2 dogs and 2 cats. The only thing I had to do was pay a pet deposit. It was only $100 per dog and they said I didn't need to pay for the cats because they don't cause much damage. I didn't have to have the cats declawed, spayed or even show proof of vaccinations. The only requirements the property management company had was that I could not have a german shepard, rottweiller, pit bull or dalmation. The landlord said they can't legally rent to anyone with those breeds of dogs and because their insurance will drop their property insurance if they rent to anyone with those breeds of dogs. That was no big deal to me because my dogs were beagle/terrier mix.
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My Apartment requires a Non-refundable $200 deposit for a cat. The good thing about this is.. I only have to pay the deposit once and I can have as many cats as I want, as long as it's not an insane ammount. However, I have not yet paid my deposit for Dinah, and the landlords know that I have a cat, as they have both been in my apartment and seen her.
There are no rules for spaying/neutering, declawing, shots or anything like that. There are ALOT of un-neutered boys around here.. it bugs the crap out of me.
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Originally Posted by crazy4cats28
The only requirements the property management company had was that I could not have a german shepard, rottweiller, pit bull or dalmation.
Iunderstand the Pitbul and rottweiller, but why a german shepard and dalmation???? German Shepards and dalmations are really sweet dogs
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No restrictions here - I can have as many pets as I want (within the legal limit, which is six), any age, whether or not they're neutered/spayed/declawed/vaccinated, with no deposit. In Ontario, it is illegal for a landlord to evict a tenant for having a pet (UNLESS the pet is causing damage to the property, or disturbing other tenants, or what have you, but not just for having it), so even if they make rules like these, there is no way they can enforce them (my lease says no pets, but the super told me herself that there's no way they can enforce that, so not to worry about it).
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The first apartment I lived in made me pay $50 in addition to the rent just to have my pets. There was no rules though on claws or spay/neuter though.
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