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I need to Explain something

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To all of you who are curious about what happend to Rascal, last Tuesday I arrived home around 5:30 and found Rascal asleep on the floor. When I picked him up, he was shaking. I thought he was cold So, I picked him up and took him to the living room were we watched tv. He stayed asleep on my chest. When I went to feed his evening supper of canned meat, he didn't touch it. I thought he already ate. He didn't drink any water. He didn't climb down to play. He just wanted to lay down. I was begining to worry. Usually he is very playful. When we went to bed, he stayed with me. I put him down in his litterbox and he used it. He didn't eat or drink. He just climbed back on the bed and slept all night. Next morning, he was still asleep. He didn't even purr. I was begining to panic. So I came to school and asked for advice. I got it from some very caring people and then I went to make an appointment with the vet. I got one for Thursday. Then I had to go to work. When I got back home, Rascal was asleep on my bed. I had left some canned meat for his breakfast and I put it besides him on the bed. I saw that he had eaten it. And when I petted him, he was purring and nuzzling my fingers. So, I thought maybe he was getting better. At night he woke me up with his usual licking and playing. Thursday morning, I went to get my paycheck and cashed it, then returned home to pick up Rascal. I took him to the vet and she checked him. It turned out that he had worms. His stomach was all round and squishy. So she gave him a dose of medicine and gave me another syringe with medicine that I had to give him on the 15. When we arrived home, Rascal became his usual self. Running, playing, and being a kitten. And this morning he was flying all over the room. He could be on the Friskies kitten food commercial. But he is okay and healthy. He is current on his shots. I have to go in three weeks for his second round of shots.
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I was just worried is all, I had thought you had internet access from home, I had forgotten you only access it at school. I am just glad that Rascal is okay and it wasn't something really serious. If kitty isn't drinking much, you can buy a small can of tuna and dribble just a tiny bit of tuna juice into his water dish to encourage him to drink. But don't give him to much.
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I am SO glad Rascal is okay!!! *HUGS*
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