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Please answer, this determines whether i can get a cat or not

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Okay, so im about to get my first cat Flossy !!!!!!!! anyways before i can get her my mom says i need to keep the litter box in my room, and i dont want it smelling and making my clothes smell bad (wont exactly go good with my friends) so yeah could u recoomend a litterbox that will reduce odor a type of litter that makes it not smell, any tips that you would have for me, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also if you could give me a list of things i might want to get for starting out and any tips.

It is a 6 month old female kitten thanx!!
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Well number one is to make sure she is spayed right away if not already.

Now to answer your questions;
I don't know what type of litter is available in your area. There are soooo many different kinds and they all basically do the same thing. Look for one that says reduces odor or odor eliminating. Keep in mind though if the cat just goes and you come in, it is going to smell at first. They make litter deoderizers that come in little cartons to sprinkle in with the litter. I like those. I don't think your clothes will really pick up the smell too much unless you let it go for a long time. I would scoop it once a day. There are also the litter boxes that clean automatically after a few minutes that the cat leaves. I don't know much about those though.

Make sure you get a good quality food. No 9 Lives, or Alley Cat or Friskies. Get a good quality brand so your cat will remain healthy and hopefully you won't have any major vet bills.

If there is a Petsmart or Petco or Pet Supplies Plus near you, pick up one of those thick cardboard squares that lay on the ground for the cat to scratch. They are cheap and cats LOVE to scratch on them.

Be sure to get some toys, catnip and treats. You can get a cat tree to climb on but those are expensive. Um, ya good luck and don't hesitate to ask if you have any more questions. Let us know how it goes when you get this new cat. Are you adopting it?
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Yep i'm adopting, and it has a microchip, and is spayed, and has all the shots and everytyhing. I do have a Petco, and I'm pretty sure I can get almost any litter. Auto litterboxes are way to expensive for me, but im thinking of maybe getting one with a filter... not sure though

thanks for the idea on the scratching post, and also thanx for the ideas on the food brands.

ill tell you as soon as I get her ^^ im adopting her from the humane society
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She is BEAUTIFUL!! Flossy is a funny name too, I wonder how they came up with that? Are you going to rename her?

I forgot to suggest to get a covered litter box with a filter top. Those are good and then litter won't be all over the room. I put a carpet square right in front of the litterbox so it can catch the litter from their feet when they hop out. Pet stores make more expensive versions of these like in plastic. They work better but I just use the carpet squares.

The scratcher is really really good, for my cats anyways. I love them and can't stop getting more, they are great. I have like 7 of them scattered all over my apartment. But I also have 4 cats. They can lay flat on the ground or prop against a couch if she tries to scratch there. Scatter catnip on it to attract her to it and not the couch.

Oh and I don't know where you live but if it is a large house you may want to have 2 litterboxes available. Maybe your mom will let you put one in the basement or a bathroom?
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Hi lovly cat!! Ask the Petco guys who work there on what litter to use. They should be trained in product knowledge. You can also ask what food to buy that is nutritiuos and cuts litter waste (poo). It is pricey but worth it. Always clean out the litter box everyday or when Flossy goes. Clumping cat litter is best to use. I use Tidy Cats for multiple cats.

If you want you can get a book on caring for cats. That would help alot too.
You cna always ask us too .

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Thanks so much guys im really happy to find such a nice community, normally when i ask questions like this i just get insulted on how dumb/uneducated I am. Thanks a bunch guys, and ill always come here with my questions.... oh yeah and Jen im trying to decide whether to rename her or not, but ill tell you guys if i do.

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The only way to really contol smell is to be sure to scoop the litterbox every day. I have one of our litterboxes in my walkin closet (there wasn't any other place for it in the apartment) with all of my work clothes. No one has ever told me that I smell like a litterbox. But it has to be scooped regularly or else it will smell.
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Originally Posted by Jen
Make sure you get a good quality food. No 9 Lives, or Alley Cat or Friskies. Get a good quality brand so your cat will remain healthy and hopefully you won't have any major vet bills.
Also, a good quality food is more digestible and so the poop will be less stinky. A covered litter box with a filter is probably the best way to go for you. A litter mat is highly recommended or at the very least a carpet square that you'll be able to pick up and shake out every week.

Good luck!
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Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with the name Flossy. One of the best parts about getting a new cat is getting to name it. That's just why I asked. My cats names are India, Elliot, Noira, Da-Ku, Merlot and Pwne. India lives with my mom and Pwne lives with my boyfriend and the rest live with me. Elliot is the only one whose name I kept because even though he was only at the shelter for a week, he learned his name extremely fast. Sorry to ramble, I could talk about my cats all day...
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We use "Feline Pine" which is a pellet shaped litter that absorbs a lot of liquid, breaks up into a "soft powder" like substance (wood of course) when wet, vaccumes up easy, is "light" and taps out of the box extreamly easy, breathes well and dries out well .. also since its wood its very absorbant, does not stick in between the cat's toes, does not leave little clay tracks all over, combats odor, and is easy to scoop solids from or dump the whole pan and rise out... its even flushable if you want to scoop solids into the potty. We use it here and vs the dust problems with silicon crystals causing cats to cough and hack when using them then scratching, clay being heavy and smelly, clumping sticking to paws and clay and clumping tracking around... I love it. Not sure what more I can say.. except an open litter box actually lets the box "breath" more then a closed one does. As long as the air cirulates and the room is not totally enclosed you shouldn't have any problems. Also give at least 2 boxes PER cat for them to really be happy. Keep the food away from the boxes also.. and water away from the food a bit.
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Bijou's litter box is almost at the bottom of our bed and at the door to our closet and Mika's is in our daughter's bedroom. The boxes are scooped once a day during the week and sometimes a couple times on the weekend. We use World's Best Cat Litter and we have no odour at all in the room or on our clothes. As someone above says, as soon as I scoop Bijou has to immediately go in and do some business so I wait a few minutes after scooping and when he's finished scoop once more.

I also use hand towels in front of the litter boxes to catch the litter on their paws when they climb out. I wash the towels frequently and we do fine.

Enjoy your new fur baby and just keep the litter clean!

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i use the clumping type for my cats but think that I will try the crystal type next more expensive but no odour as long as you take out the solid waste each day also I have a covered box and a uncovered one and both my cats dont like the covered one only using this if I am home late and havent cleaned thier other tray
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Everybody finds a litter that suits them - but used properly, none of the good ones should cause odour. I would experiment a little till you are happy. I personally don't like the clumping ones - I find it harder to keep the litter box clean. I and my cats prefer Catsan, used with a litter deodorising powder. If there is a smell I know one of the cats is ill. Good luck with your first kitty - I am sure you and she will find it a wonderful experience.
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