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FIV/FelV home test?

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Is there such a thing I can order? I just took in a cat who I plan on adopting out, and it's so expensive to take her in for this test! I also want to order vaccinations for kittens, where is the best place to order from?
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I am pretty sure you can test for felv at home, but not the Fiv. As for the vaccines, I have never ordered them online, so I coudn't give you much help there.
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You could probably order the Felv test for home, but a box is over a hundred dollars (contains I think 15-20 tests), and uses saliva to test. FIV, even if you did order the box of tests you would need to draw blood to test it, which means you need needles, syringes, and lavender top blood tubes. So probably not practicle. I have ordered vaccines from Fosters and Smith in the past and had no problems.
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Is there a website for that Foster and Smith by any chance?
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do you have to be a vet or have a vet perscription to order from them? I just want to order vaccinations. I know what I want and I do it all the time at work, but I am not a vet.
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For the regular vaccines no you don't need to be vet, because breeders do it all the time (I used to breed and show Australian Shepherds), but you should know what diseases are common in your area. Rabies vaccine you do need to be a vet. Keep in mind though that most boarding facility's, and groomers and vets, won't except self given vaccines and will want the animal vaccinted again. Aslo vaccinating yourself should in no way take the place as your animals annual check-up. What these vaccines do work for is first shots for breeders, or if you have a feral population and just want them protected.
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I am just concerned because I work at a shelter and I can bring home so many different things. I want a vaccination against rhino, calici, chalymidia and panleuk, I am around those more then anything else. We just had a seminar about those diseases and how transferable they are. So I am worried. I dont want to take the chance of carrying anything home. I am never around leukemia luckily, there's been one cat with it since I started working there and that was 9 months ago. Why don't vets and places accept self-given shots?

Maybe I could get a sticker from the shelter for their paperwork so its like I took them there for it. Or I suppose I could just take them there and give them their shots. I would do it myself there anyways. How often is recommended for check ups? I don't usually take them in unless I see the need to.
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Alot of places won't recognize self-administered vaccines because who is to say the animal really got them. There are alot of unscrupulus (sp?) people out there, for boarding kennels and groomers they risk other animals being infected if a supposedly vaccinated animal came in infected with a virus. Vets don't like them because someone comes in with an animal that they say they self vaccinated but is showing symptoms of a virus it ends up confusing the issue, is the animal really vaccinted so it can't be this virus or is this person lying and it could be a virus.

Check-up should be yearlyespecially for older animals, but if you have a young cat that is strictly indoors and leads a "sheltered life" then it is not so important. With cats though some of them end up with bad teeth at an early age so definatley watch those (especially if they had poor nutrition as a kitten).
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