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NEED answer ASAP

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Hello! Am adopting 1 year old female who gave birth to 5 kittens-5 males, 1 female. The kittens are 4 weeks old.
When the kittens are 6 weeks old or so, we already have adopted parents for them. Question is, do we adopt-out all the kittens at once--should it be 2 at a time?..we don't want to stress out Angel/Sunshine (she's all white in color with gold eyes..) Sorry for the urgency, but am getting ready to leave for home. Can also respond to
Please, can someone help me on this?

Thanks, Glenn
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I think (and one of the breeder people will probably correct me) that it's better to keep the kittens with mom until they are 10 to 12 weeks old, because until that time they still need to nurse. After that, as soon as mom is ready, it probably doesn't make much difference how fast you give them away. In face, I can imagine it might be better to do it faster in some cases, since some momma's are really ready to be left alone after a while. In the wild, other cats actually drive off their young (it's a predator thing, too many animals looking for food) so separation is not as big a deal for them, assuming they are done nursing.

Though I think littermates sometimes miss each other . . .
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Sunlion is correct, most breeders keep the babies with the mothers until they are 10 weeks old. This way she can teach them to use the litterbox and properly groom themselves. The kittens are better off and so is mama, less traumatic for everyone.

Maybe Sandie can shed a little light on it since she is a breeder.

Take it away, Sandie!

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Thank you, sunlion and Donna. We have just returned from visiting the 'grandkittens'. Some further information on the 'gang of 5' to mention to you.
They are 5 weeks old now....some are already eating 'solid' food (actually more like chopmeat texture), but they seem to enjoy it and are still nursing. Angel/Sunshine (we can't decide what to call momma...) doesn't seem to mind them nursing at all. They are ALL already using the litter box and are busy cleaning themselves and playing/wrestling/ and running sideways!
Momma was HUGE during her pregnancy, and has gotten so thin. She was eating 4 to 5 cans of food a day while nursing the gang of 5. Is this normal? She also used to be a lap cat, but now will not stay on my or my wife's lap for more than a few seconds--is this also normal? I hate to be a pest, but we are concerned. We lsot our best friend, Shadow earlier this year; and I swork that I would not take another cat into my home. The pain I felt cut deep to the core of my being. My wife felt the same way...until Sunshine/Angel came into our lives. For this reason I have posted in this forum, where knowledgable people like yourselves can give folks like me good advice. Shadow was a domestic shorthair--no pedigree, but I loved him with all of my heart. He wa the first one to greet me in the morning, and the first to say hello when I walked in the door at night. Angel/Sunshine?....she's completely different from Shadow. Full of love and affection, she purr's so loud, you'd think her voice box would vibrate right out of her throat. I look forward to your reply(s).....
Glenn (drpixel)
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Good for you guys taking on the whole crew!! What Donna said earlier is very true. In certain situations, yes the kittens can go at 8 weeks. In situations where you do have the mother, 10 weeks really should be minimum. It really will help the kittens, even later in life. The better they are socialized and tought by mom, the better cats they will be and stand a better chance to stay in a home for life. 4 of the 6 domestic cats I have were taken from mom much to early. They all have very different problems, but none the less they are problems that most people would get sick of and throw them out.
As for momma kitty. It is normal for her to be hungry and eat. Yes, they do get very skinny and look very fragile while nursing. It is the process of her giving everything she has to the babies. You may want to check into getting mom and the kittens dewormed though. That could be a contributing factor as well. When the kittens are 8 weeks old, it is possible for you to have mom spayed and then after a few days she can go back to her kittens just to play and teach.
She is not as concerned with napping on her peoples lap right now. She is busy being worried about her babies and motherhood. Once the kittens are older and she is on her own, she should return to her normal self. Any person who has had children will tell ya...lil ones tend to suck the life out of you..LOL.
Good luck with all of them!!! Feel free to hop on anytime and ask as many questions as you like. We are all very happy to share stories and cat info all the time.
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It's always so nice to see how loving people are with their babies. I just wanted to tell you that my boys were definitely taken from their Mommy waaaaay too soon...they were only five weeks tops when I found them. Cary is a lot more gregarious, incredibly social little boy, where Cash is skiddish. I have spent more time playing with him to try to win him over and finally he's coming around. The poor little baby crys if I get out of his sight. He now purrs, which I really was worried that he wouldn't relax and let himself be loved.

I think for now, I see myself giving him a bit more affection than I do the others, but I feel it's working and the other two seem to be just happy as they could be. It breaks my heart when I have to leave for hours, but I know that Murphy and his brother are with him. Murphy loves them both so much. Cash tries to nurse off of Murphy and Murhpy allows it! hahaha...Murphy's a my nine month old male! :LOL: He's such a good daddy/mommy! :laughing2....Just thought I'd share that

Love & Peace,
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I also can vouch for the problems kittens have when taken from Mama too soon!
My son got a kitten he named Gilligan when the human guardians were tired of feeding and taking care of the kittens. They couldnt even recall how old he was! My son had him about 2 months, again unclear, before he couldnt afford or care for him either.

When Gilligan came to me he was (roughly) 4 months old and had a MAJOR separation problem. He would try to nurse/suck on anything that held still 3 seconds, sometimes even moving targets! He was/is so needy and almost desperate! He really didnt care all that much about petting, just being close and nursing. He was on solid food, used the litterbox, and played well with my other cats though.

Even though I got very attached to him (literally!), the suckling was a problem I found hard to deal with, and I found him a good, loving home with people I see daily. They find his nursing "cute", and adore him...but most people wouldn't.

Gilligan was lucky to have found such a good home, but most kittens with these type of problems arent so lucky...please wait a bit before adopting them out, everyone will be happier and healthier!

PS. you can see a pic of Gilligan at Candy's page (Pictures of your Cats) He's the first pic in the Blue section.
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We aren't breeders, but we've had a few litters by accident. It did seem like mamacat got a little distant. I noticed that every time she sat still for a moment, particularly if she purred from being petted, the kittens would come running to nurse. Even when they were almost as big as she was, they would just bowl her over. Plus, speaking as someone who has nursed her own kid, after a while you get sore and tired of always being touched and clung to, so it's nice to be left alone for a few minutes. Probably mamacat feels the same way. I'm sure that after the kittens are gone she will return to her usual self.
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we very much appreicate all of your responses. We are concerned about Angel's psychological well-being AFTER the kittens go on to their new parents.
An earlier experience with a past outdoor stray female showed us that she was extremely stressed out, walking around and crying,, and seemed very sad. We could never catch her as she was too shy--and quick for us.
Angel is very loving, just going near her with your hand will elicit a head rub to your hand, and a meow or two. We do not want her to cry or be upset. After these kittens are adopted, we will be having her neutered; and making her a 100% INDOOR cat--something she wasn't before. Her previous 'owner' threw her out and blocked her only way back into the home when she was only 6 months old. The former owner came around looking for her and the kittens, but we had enlisted the aid of the neighborhood as 'accomplices in keeping Angel and her kittens a secret. Because of this, the peole who are allowing us the use of their garage as a maternity ward will be adopting one of the kittens. We were shocked as she was NOT a cat person, and now loves every one of the kittens. So, my question is, should we adopt out 1 at a time...or two at a time.. so as not to upset her since she'll be going through a lot of major changes in the next few weeks. My wife is very nervous and concerned Angel will get too stressed out and not return to her former loving self. It was much easier with Shadow who was a male. I await your replies, and again thank you so much! If ANY of you or other posters have ideas for a name for Angel/Sunshine, white cat with gold eyes, please don't hesitate to post or respond to my email address. My daughter found her and doesn't like either of the names we've picked! She also was the one who brought Shadow into our lives! Glenn/drpixel
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You know, I wouldnt stress just yet at her saying goodbye to the kittens. The first step I would take is to bring her into the house when the kittens are around 6 weeks old, just for an hour or so each time. Get her used to being away from them. It will also give you an indication on weather or not she is going to have some seperation anxiety. The longer the moms are with them, the better they feel about letting them go on thier own. It's almost as if they have an internal clock on when they are ready to fend for themselves.
As for the names, there are so many to choose from. Especially since you can name her after something white. I have a white with gold eyes and after searching FOREVER, I decided on Antarctica (Annie for short). Let's see there's....Cloud,Marshmellow,Daisy,Luna(for the eyes), Or Lunette which means bright shining one. I could go on forever, but heck..the starbucks coffee is wearing off
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One of my former foster cats had 4 kittens. Nora was a wonderful mom, but she actually seemed relieved after the kittens left. She looked for them now and then for a few days, but she didn't seem too concerned. She was too exhausted from all the nursing. I suppose I'm anthropomorphizing, but I think she felt that her job was done and the kittens were ready to go out into the world. If your kitty seems lonely for her kittens, you can give her extra affection and playtime to distract her.

After the kitttens leave, she might be sore and cranky for a little while as her milk dries up. Nora needed a few days of rest before I was allowed to touch her abdomen.

Name ideas: Lily, Aurelia, Blizzard?
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My son (always the clown) says Angel/Sunshine sounds like she looks like an egg, and to name her SunnySide-Up or OverEasy.

I think she sounds more like a Daisy :daisy:.

My 3 year old Cagney had her second litter in August, she had 5, 4 survived, and I just placed the last (I'm keeping the runt) kitten on Saturday, he's 11 weeks old.
I placed 1 at 8 1/2 weeks, 1 at 9 1/2 weeks, and the 3rd at 10 1/2 weeks, and Cagney didn't seem to care...actually, she seemed relieved. She did kind of look around for about a day after each baby was gone, but she never cried or really searched for them.

I still have Rudy (the runt) but when he approaches her, she won't let him try to nurse, or even really acknowledges him, other than to let him curl up next to her...but honestly he seems to prefer My lap over hers. :LOL:

I think most Mama kitties are relieved when the babies fly the coop, don't stress yourself over it, things will work out fine.
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Just an update fro drpixel/Glenn. I first have to tell how appreciative Linda and I are for all your advice with Angel (no more Sunshine...).
We have begun bringing Angel to our home each night for an hour or so. She seems to be fine, but occasionally with cry/meow and look towards our front door. When she first 'adopted' US, swe would open our front door, she would come in and we'd feed her. she's occasionally take a nap on a big towel we kept out for her to lie on, and I think thats what the looking at the door is all about--she wants to go back out. Last night I brushed her with Shadow's (our first cat who had to be put down early this year..) old brush, which she seemed to enjoy immensely. Here is a link to 2 pictures--one is of the gang of 5, the other is of Sunshine and two of the kittens--Toupee (because of the black patch on his head, the other white one is Q-Tip...looks like momma, yes?
We brought her back to the kittens--the maternity ward is in my neighbor's garage; and she didn't seem to be too upset...not even to make sure her brood was okay... My apologies for the poor quality images--it was an inexpensive digital camera.
My neighbor-whose garage Angel and the kittens are in right now, will be adopting the gray and white kitten-named Lance for one of the N-Sync members. Because of Linda and I, BOTH of our neighbors are now cat owners, giving a loving and caring home to these gifts from heaven .
I beleive my neighbor's wife-Patty has registered with this site--her name is Patty and may show up listed as mrslaw2301--her aol screen name. She's a wonderful person and neighbor whose heart was won over by Lance!
If you all don't mind, I'd like to keep you up to date on whats going on...
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I like Stardust as a name, or Moonbeam. My friends cat had a few days after the kittens left where she looked for them, but she adjusted fairly quickly. Both kittens were taken at 7 wks by the same person at the same time. Both kittens are doing very well and the both are affectionate, although Boots, the boy is an attention seeker. He always has loves meeting and be cuddled by new people. I am sure that Angel & the kittens will adjust to there new homes very well.
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Goodness, what a handsome family! I know you can't keep them all, but I'd have a hard time giving them up!
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Oh what beautiful kitties!! I would have a hard time finding homes for any of them. They all would look at me with those eyes as if they were asking to live with me!! I am sure Angel will be just fine. She is probably trying to figure out what's going on with all the attention she is getting I would LOVE to hear the updates!!!
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